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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Acquiring Magitek Suit V2

Final Fantasy 15 Guide


Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Acquiring Magitek Suit V2

Learn how to acquire the Magitek Suit V2 in this Final Fantasy 15 Guide.

What is the Magitek Suit V2

Inspired from the Magitek Armors of Final Fantasy VI, the Magitek Suit V2 is an accessory classified under suits. The V2 signifies it as being a better version of the Magitek Suit found in the game.

The Magitek Suit V2 provides the following bonuses:

  1. HP +2,000
  2. Str +100
  3. Vit +70

The Magitek Suit V2 could be equipped not just by Noctis, but by all main party members.

Where to obtain a Magitek Suit V2

The Magitek Suit V2 could only be obtained by defeating the boss MA-X Angelus-0. It is possible to give each party member a Magitek Suit V2, but that also means beating the MA-X Angelus-0 boss four times.

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Where to encounter a MA-X Angelus-0

Finding this enemy is troublesome, as it has actually no set location. Locating it isn’t entirely reliant on an RNG (Random Number Generator), however. Imperial Dropships drop them at certain locations in the game. Your best bet is North of the Hammerhead garage. However, what is RNG reliant is whether you’ll encounter it when the Imperial Dropships drop down some enemies. The choice is to either save and reload if it doesn’t appear, or wait for the next batch of enemies. Players also have to deal with expendable enemies first before encountering the MA-X Angelus-0.

Defeating the MA-X Angelus-0

Beating the metal robot is easy if you know what you are doing. The websites Gosu Noob and iTechPost had posted some tips on how to deal with it easier. Here is how:

  1. Damage, Damage, and more Damage! Increase your damage output as much as possible. This could be achieved by equipping items that increase damage output. A Dark Matter Bracelet would really come in handy. Also, make good use of those equipment slots by slapping Armigers in them.
  2. Bring out the party drugs and drug the entire party at the battle! Raid the nearest item shop and stock up on Muscle Stimulants and Power EX potions.
  3. Ready your breakfast and eat hearty! Make sure to eat the Golden Tail Soup to gain those glorious criticals.
  4. Acquire the Zwill Crossblades from Randolph.
  5. Make sure you have Carbuncle.

These are the steps you need to go through in order to defeat MA-X Angelus-0 the easier way.

  1. Play on easy mode, then kill yourself for doing such. No, seriously. This is in order to activate Carbuncle’s buff.
  2. Kind of optional, but break its arms in order to further lower its defense.
  3. Aim for the rocket launcher behind  MA-X Angelus-0. This is its weak spot.

Congratulations! You’ve just defeated a MA-X Angelus-0 and are now the proud owner of a Magitek Suit V2. Just repeat the same procedure for more.

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