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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To All Easter Eggs & References In The Game

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To All Easter Eggs & References In The Game

Fans of Final Fantasy will understand the length it took for the new game’s release. Any video game junkie will know a legacy this big will definitely reference other games. Here’s a Final Fantasy 15 guide to all its Easter Eggs.

This is after some fans have started to discover other references to Final Fantasy games within the game. The trend is popular among big franchises, especially with big fan bases. However, is it enough for players to be satisfied with the game?

This Final Fantasy 15 guide will take you to all the Easter Eggs and references in the game. Hopefully you get to enjoy finding them as much as others did. Of course, whether or not this impacts the overall story is up to you.

According to Game Rant, the massive world of the game has a lot of original stories and characters. They are meant to be the new “introductory” course for fans who want to get in on the scene. However the game itself appears to be a big Easter Egg.

Be sure to check the official Final Fantasy Wiki for a complete list of all the references. However, these are perhaps the most interesting ones from the whole game. They add a completely different depth to the game as a whole.

Final Fantasy 15 Guide: All the Eggs

Final Fantasy

  • The opening loading screen says, “When darkness veils the world, the King of Light shall come.” This is similar to the opening crawl of the first game, where it says, “When darkness veils the world, four Warriors of Light shall come.”
  • The throne in the prologue is very much similar to the throne of Chaos in the original game.
  • Elemancy spells appear to be replenishible but finite in use. The original game uses these same mechanics.
  • The cast overlooks the kingdom beyond a bridge in Insomnia. The four main characters in the original game also looked over the kingdom before beginning the journey.
  • The design of the Behemoth King is similar to the original art of the Behemoth in the first game.

Final Fantasy 2

  • Goblins are of the same design in the game.
  • When Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt becomes a daemon, it’s similar to Emperor Mateus and their usage of daemons in the ofrces.

Final Fantasy 3

  • The Aegir Root is a reference to the Aegir, which first appeared here.
  • Gyashl green crisps are used to summon Fat Chocobos in FF3.
  • The food vendor in Hamerhead is Takka. This is Refia’s adoptive father in FF3.

Final Fantasy 4

  • The blue glowing runes on camp sites are similar to save points here.
  • In the wedding of Noctis and Luna in the post-credits scene, this is similar to Cecil Harvey and Rosa Jonna Farrell’s wedding.

Final Fantasy 5

  • Garulas are enemies in the game. A Garula also joins the party in FF5 and suddenly attacks the party.
  • Ardyn Izunia, a former healer who sealed demons himself, is similar to Exdeath’s backstory.

More References

Final Fantasy 6

  • Noctis gets attacked by Magitek Troops. They appeared first in FF6.
  • A possessed painting of an Altissian named Lakshmi attacks players when approached. In FF6, a demon possesses a painting of the esper Lakshmi.
  • The Auto Crossbow, Bioblaster, Noiseblaster, Circular Saw and Drillbreaker are tools in FF6.
  • Biggs and Wedge appear alongside Aranea Highwind as her subordinates.
  • Ardyn Izunia is similar to antagonist Kafka, in which they become final bosses in the game after wanting to usurp power.

Final Fantasy 7

  • The world of Niflheim in FF15 is similarly spelled from Nibelheim in FF7.
  • One of the weapons of Young Noctis is Meteorain. This is Cloud’s Limit Break in the game.
  • The Masamune katana in the game is a greatsword. This is the same sword Sephiroth uses.
  • Vyv in Lestallum owns a publishing company called Meteor Publishing, with a shirt resembling the FF7 logo.
  • Midgardsormr is a very high-level enemy in the game that players should avoid in their first encounter. Midgar Zolom is a snake in FF7 that players ought to avoid as well.
  • During the final encounter, a single button prompt allows Noctis to finish Ardyn. This is similar to how Cloud destroyed Sephiroth using Omnislash.

Final Fantasy 8

  • The Ring of Lucii is similar to the Solomon Ring.
  • Quetzalcoatl first appeared as a summon in FF8 and is a lightning-based monster. He is the same in FF15.
  • The complete logo of the game has Noctis and Luna together, making them the second game in the main series to be love interests. This is similar to Squall Leonhart and Rinoa heartlily.

Other References

Final Fantasy 9

  • The Crystal is said to hold the soul of the planet of Eos. This is similar to the crystals in FF9.
  • There’s a quest named “A Place to Call Home,” a theme of FF9.

Final Fantasy 10

  • Ramuh’s staff is like Ixion’s head. Both are lightning-based summons.
  • One of the businesses in Insomnia is named Spiral, the world in FFX.

Final Fantasy 13

  • Lightning’s Blazefire Saber is a bonus weapon for Noctis for the 7-Eleven promo in Japan.
  • Ravus’s final appearance and boss battle is similar to Cid Raines.

Aside from this, check out our other Final Fantasy 15 guide and tips to other aspects of the game. After all, this is Square Enix’s biggest release in the past decade. Whether or not this will be its last is not yet on the table.

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