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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Astrals: How To Summon Shiva, Bahamut & More!

Final Fantasy 15


Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Astrals: How To Summon Shiva, Bahamut & More!

Learn how to summon the six Astrals in Final Fantasy 15. Summoned monsters had been present in Final Fantasy ever since the 3rd iteration of the game, and have been a series staple ever since.

These Demigods are a force to be reckoned with, and are also known by several names throughout the series, such as Espers, Eidolons, and Guardian Forces. In this incarnation of the game, they are called Astrals.

Final Fantasy 15 had the least amount of summoned monsters in the series, with a total of only six. All of them also are iconic summon names who have appeared throughout the series.

I. Titan

Availability: End of Chapter 4

Summon Environment: Flat terrains, Wide open areas

Summon Conditions: Let your party members be knocked out. The more K.O., the better the chances.

II. Ramuh

Availability: Early in Chapter 5

Summon Environment: Anywhere, including indoors

Summon Conditions: The longer a battle drags on, the more chances for him to appear.

III. Leviathan

Availability: End of Chapter 9

Summon Environment: Near bodies of water

Summon Conditions: Noctis must be in danger status. The longer you leave him in danger status, the better.

IV. Shiva:

Availability: End of Chapter 12

Summon Environment: Anywhere, including indoors as long as there is wide enough space

Summon Conditions: Any combination of Noctis in danger status, knocked out party members, or the battle taking too long

The last of the Astrals to join your quest. The ice goddess plays a vital role in the story this time. Those who don’t wish to be spoiled by her identity are better off straying from videos for now.

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V. Carbuncle:

Availability: Complete the PlayStation 4 Platinum Demo

Summon Environment: Anywhere, including indoors

Summon Conditions: The party is in danger status, knocked out party members

The hidden Astral of the game! As mentioned in Prima Games, if you complete the PlayStation 4 Platinum Demo, it would transfer to your game afterwards!

VI. Bahamut:

Spoiler Alert! Prepare to be disappointed, as you could only summon the infamous Bahamut in a scripted scenario late in the game. So savor the moment once you get to do so.

??. Ifrit:

Fans of the fiery summon should be prepared for disappointment. Ifrit isn’t playable in the game. Most are expecting him to be a hidden Astral, but that isn’t the case. Spoiler Alert! He is in the game, however, and still plays an integral part in the story. More details regarding the story could be found in this Twinfinite article.

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