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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Beating 100 Cactuar & Slactuar In Timed Quests

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Beating 100 Cactuar & Slactuar In Timed Quests

It is finally time to move on from a Final Fantasy 15 guide to the story. Players who have beaten the game have new challenges to conquer. This time, gamers are taking on timed missions.

Final Fantasy 15 has been one of the most-awaited titles in the franchise. After all, it did take more than ten years to complete. Now that it is finished, Square Enix is making sure fans have a lot of content to digest. Gamers also have to make sure a Final Fantasy guide exists for each and every new update.

Given that fans are still waiting for other downloadable content (DLC) packs, gamers are now taking on the game’s various timed challenges. This Final Fantasy 15 guide will be helping you through one of the title’s most exhausting tasks. Here’s how to defeat 100 Cactuar and Slactuar in their timed quest.

Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Cactuar and Slactuar Quests

Timed quests are actually part of the new Version 1.05 update of the game for the PlayStation 4 Pro. The first timed quest is for players to fight 100 Cactuar and Slactuar in a continuous battle. According to Eurogamer, take note that while these monsters appear to be pushovers, they are powerful in numbers.

The quest can be started by going to south Duscae. The area west of the Causcherry Plains is a tower. There is a waypoint there that begins the quest. However, make sure you have counters to status ailments.

The mission is straightforward as these critters face you almost ten at a time. However, fighting them becomes tricky by the time they use needle attacks and status changes. If you are caught unguarded, you can be overwhelmed by numbers. Strong magic such as Ice or Lightning is recommended.

It is not advised to deal with them up close even if they are weak to Daggers. It is best to keep your distance and use wide-range attacks to keep on destroying them. Below is a video detailing the entire endeavor.

More Updates, Features

The Version 1.05 Update has a ton of features for the game. This includes an increased performance to 60 framerates per second, effectively making battles speedier and more fluid than ever. However, Eurogamer did warn players that if they play the title on the PlayStation 4 Pro, they should opt for the 30 FPS to enjoy the game’s 1080p resolution.

The new features of the update were explained by game director Hajime Tabata during an Active Time Report. Players can find a translated version on a Reddit thread. This signals confirmation that Square Enix is indeed focusing on making the title as interactive as possible.

However, the title has more updates on the way. Square Enix already clarified that there will be three story-based patches that focused on each of the main characters in the game. There will also be a patch that allows players to play cooperatively as each of the four main characters.

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