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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Defeating Giant Birds Bennu & Zu

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Defeating Giant Birds Bennu & Zu

Zu and Bennu are giant birds in Final Fantasy 15. The former is fought during the Feathered Giant of the Firesmoke Hunt. The latter is fought during the A Legend Is Born Side Quest. They are both monster enemies in boss fights that are too hard to defeat. Learn how to defeat them in this Final Fantasy 15 guide.

Fight Zu

This Final Fantasy 15 guide reveals how Noctis and his party will encounter Zu when they have already reached the Rock of Ravatogh. To activate the Feathered Giant of the Firesmoke Hunt quest, Noctis and his party should visit the tipster at the Veinas Mart in Ravatogh. This quest will lead the party to the Rock of Ravatogh.

Another tip in this Final Fantasy 15 guide is that Zu will be found way up parallel to the road taken towards the lava crater. This is where Prompto took a photo for a photography quest. The location of Zu will lead to the tomb of one of the Royal Arms named the Mace of the Fierce. Zu can be spotted because of her nest and giant eggs hindering Noctis and his team towards the tomb of Mace of the Fierce.

Zu is a Level 67 enemy. She has 108,200 Health Points (HP) and a strength of 133,100. Her attacks will cause extreme damage to Noctis. She has immunity over Death, Alterna, Poison, and Stop. Thus, just attack her with physical and magic attacks. When Zu is successfully defeated, Noctis’ group will gain at least 4,000 EXP, a Champion’s Anklet, and 25,300 gil, rare Zu Tender, Zu Beak, and some lightning spells.

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Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Zanar Aesthetics account

Before you start fighting Zu, ready enough potions and Phoenix Down. Equip yourself with range weapons and guns because jumping and warp strikes will reduce the Magic Points stat of Noctis. Equip Ignis with a lance and Gladiolus with a shield. They will be able to protect Noctis. Equip Noctis and his party with fire and ice spells and fire-enhanced weapons because Zu’s weakness is fire and ice.

Fight Bennu

The A Legend is Born quest will be given to Noctis by Randolph in Lestallum. Bennu roams the Leide region and lives in the cliffs along the road towards Galdin. The party will first encounter the blue Bennu in one of Dino’s side quests. They have to stealthily pass through to claim a rare stone.

Despite only being at Level 55, Bennu still poses a challenge to defeat. Bennu has 198,300 HP and has a strength of 28,800. Bennu’s weakness lies on lightning and fire. Equip yourself with gears that use lightning and fire. This enemy has an immunity against Death, Stop and Poison. Successfully defeating Bennu will give at least 5,230 EXP, a rare item drop of Jet-black Beak, and some lightning spells. Completing the quest therein will give the party 8,000 EXP and an Iron Duke item. Apply the techniques in fighting Zu in this Final Fantasy 15 guide for fighting off Bennu because the latter also swoops down for a stomp attack which causes great damage to Noctis.

Defeating Zu and Bennu will surely give you a challenge. Buy the game here now if you still haven’t. It is available in PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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