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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Food: Benefits, Recipes & More

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Food: Benefits, Recipes & More

Besides all the fuss about the newly-released Final Fantasy 15, nothing catches the audience’s attention better than its food. Check out this exciting Final Fantasy 15 Guide to food and discover its benefits, recipes and why the game’s designers chose to make it look so deliciously real.

Real Food In The Game:

The Final Fantasy 15 game endorses food no other games do. While food serves as an essential surviving mechanism in many RPG survival games, it acts as a fashion-setter in the Final Fantasy 15 universe.

Each Character’s Favorite Food Requires Particular Ingredients:

  1. Noctis’ favorite Grease Monkey’s Schnitzel Salad requires Cleigne Wheat and Garula Sirloin as ingredients.
  2. The Mother & Child Rice Bowl needs Saxham Rice, Chickatrice Leg and Birdbeast Egg.
  3. The Memory Lane Cake requires, Ulwaat Berries Fine Cleigne Wheat, and Leiden Sweet Potato.
  4. Ignis’ favorite Fluffy Chiffon Cake requires Cleigne Wheat and Leiden Sweet Potato.
  5. The Breaded Cutler with Tomato requires Lucian Tomato and Anak Meat.
  6. Gladiolus’ favorite Skewered Wild Trout requires Laiden Pepper and Trout Fillet.
  7. Prompto’s simple Cup Noodles need only- you guessed it- Cup Noodles alone.
  8. The Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak requires the Leiden Pepper and the Dualhorn Steak.
  9. His Peppery Daggerquill Rice requires Leiden Pepper, Saxham Rice and the Daggerquill Breast.

Why The Food?

Food with the needed ingredients can boost up the characters’ tech bars to 100%. If you let the characters eat their favorite food dishes, they are most likely to accumulate 50% of the necessary charges for tech bar boost-up.

Cooking At Its Best:

The boosts come in strong whenever positions are successfully defended, a higher HP is secured, a vitality point is acquired, and the like. Higher boosts mean bigger chances of surviving through the day.

Ultimately, the boost in the Final Fantasy 15 can serve as food supply source and a power-giver.

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More on this Final Fantasy 15 Guide for food:

  • Ignis can also serve you as chef. But first, you will have to allow him to explore. You can bring him some Italian dish or any mouthwatering exotic seafood risotto at the camp so that you can urge him with a food tete-a-tete.
  • You should choose the food with the highest buffs. It will shoot up Prince Noctis’ health boosts.

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