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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Pitioss Ruins: Where To Find & Beat Secret Dungeon

Final Fantasy 15 Guide


Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Pitioss Ruins: Where To Find & Beat Secret Dungeon

In this Final Fantasy 15 Guide, players would learn how to access the Pitioss Ruins.

You might have heard rumors about the supposedly hardest dungeon in the game, the Pitioss Ruins. Secret dungeons are a staple not just in the Final Fantasy series. So, expect every Japanese Role Playing Game to have at least a secret dungeon that is always harder than the final area in the game.

Always expect powerful monsters and bosses that are even stronger than the final boss in the game. But what makes Pitioss Ruins really unique is that it doesn’t contain any! The dungeon instead is a complex labyrinth, with traps and puzzles all over the place.

Finding and locating the Pitioss Ruins

Accessing the hidden ruins requires an aerial transportation, which is none other than the Flying Regalia Type F. This seals the fact that the Pitioss Ruins could only be accessed late in the game. For those who have no idea how to convert their car into a flying one, the link below leads to a guide on how to do so.

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Once you have the Flying Regalia Type F, activate the quest first by Lestallum at night and head to the easternmost alley to activate the quest by interacting with a window.

Fly towards the south-west portion of the world map and head for the Ravatogh Volcano Outpost first. Then speak with the chef to have the exact landing location marked in the map. Make sure to save beforehand, then land in the yellow line marked in the map and keep your eyes peeled for a nearby building. Fight or ignore the random encounters along the way.

Take note that Pitioss Ruins could only be accessed at night, kind of similar to the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit. Also, only Noctis alone could get in, so no help from his friends once he ventures inside.

Pitioss Ruins Reward

Aside from those in search of a good challenge, Pitioss Ruins is worth the time and trouble. Only Noctis gets a reward, however. However, he deserves it for clearing the place all alone. The reward, which is only usable by Noctis as expected, is the ‘Black Hood’. It is quite useful and makes Noctis almost invulnerable by allowing him to automatically evade attacks.

Navigating inside Pitioss Ruins

The layout of the ruins are too complex to map out in words, the same thing goes for the puzzle solutions. The websites Games Radar and IGN prove this.

There is no actual death when you get killed inside, as you would instead just respawn from the previous save point inside the dungeon. This gives an idea that the actual gameplay of the dungeon is a trial and error one. For those who don’t mind cheating a bit, they could check out videos to initially memorize the layout and puzzles of the ruins.

Those who had memorized the area could also abuse the save points and jumping around, allowing the dungeon to be cleared in less time. The best record so far is 6 minutes, as covered in the article below.

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