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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Tombs & Where To Find Them

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide To Tombs & Where To Find Them

Ancient weapons in the world of Eos are important in Final Fantasy 15. If you’re still going around the game wondering where to find such weapons, then this Final Fantasy 15 guide should be able to help you.

Ancient weapons of the royal line are powerful. These can be found in dungeons and tombs in Lucis. In order to get these weapons, one must venture towards these tombs and explore.

But first, a word of caution: though these weapons are powerful, what await every player who enters these tombs are dangerous beasts. To be able to defeat them, a player must be above a certain level.

Nevertheless, Video Games Republic gives you this Final Fantasy 15 guide to locate these tombs.

Tomb Of The Wise (Any Level)

Inside this tomb is the Sword of the Wise. If you’ve encountered Cor in Chapter 2, then this is where the tomb can be found although the game’s story will take you to this location anyway.

Head to the north of The Three Valleys for this tomb. Here you will start the Power of the Kings and eventually take the Sword of the Wise.

Tomb Of The Conqueror (Any Level)

The Axe of the Conqueror can be found in this tomb. Again, you will go through this as part of the story in Chapter 2. The sword will be located at the end of the Keycatrich Trench Dungeon.

Tomb Of The Wanderer (Any Level)

As part of the story in Chapter 3, you can find the Sword of the Wanderer at the tomb by the end of the Glacial Grotto dungeon.

Tomb Of The Mystic (any level)

This is during Chapter 4. Find the Blade of the Mystic while exploring the Disc of Cauthess. This section of the game is part of the Archaean quest

Tomb Of The Pious (any level)

To find the Scepter of the Pious, head inside the Malmalam Thicket.

Tomb Of The Just (any level)

This is in Chapter 4 and quite easy. Pick up the Shield of the Just as you go through the tomb near Cauthess. There are no beasts to fight in this area.

Tomb Of The Warrior (any level)

The Katana of the Warrior can be found in this tomb. You will be able to encounter this tomb in Chapter 10 as you visit Succarpe. Just follow the Hand of the King mission and you’ll be able to pass by this.

Tomb Of The Fierce (level 30+)

Head inside the dungeon to the southwest edge of the Cleigne. The Mace of the Fierce is on the Ravatoghan volcano.

Tomb Of The Rogue (level 35+)

This area is in Chapter 7 and is along the Myrlwood Forest. You’ll be able to find the Star of the Rogue here.

Tomb Of The Clever (level 58 or higher)

To the east of Longwythe Rest Area, you’ll find a sealed door inside the Balouve Mines in Chapter 2. Inside is the Bow of the Clever.

Tomb of the Tall (level 60+)

Defeat a Jabberwock boss before taking the Sword of the Tall. This tomb is southeast of Duscae.

Aside from the Jabberwock, you’ll have to go through several puzzles and the entrance to the Costlemark Tower is only accessible at night.

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