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Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough: How To Beat Hardest Dungeon In 6 Minutes

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough: How To Beat Hardest Dungeon In 6 Minutes

In this Final Fantasy 15 Guide, learn how to locate and clear the hardest dungeon in the game, in just 6 minutes!

Similar to other Japanese RPG’s, the Final Fantasy series also had its fair share of secret dungeons that are even harder than those that are a part of the main storyline. In Final Fantasy XV, the Pitioss Ruins is the hardest secret dungeon in the game.

However, it is possible to beat it within 6 minutes! Here’s how:

How to access the Pitioss Ruins

The access the secret dungeon, one is required to have unlocked the Flying Regalia Type F or the flying mode for the car. Once they had already done so, they should head for a volcano located south-west on the map. The dungeon appears to be a building that could also only be accessed at night!

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About the Pitioss Ruins

What makes the secret dungeon different from others is that there are no monsters to fight with in the dungeon!

That might have made it sound easy, but the place is one hell of a maze littered with traps and complex puzzles. The reward for clearing the place is the “Black Hood”. Unfortunately only Noctis could equip it, and it grants the ability to phase during attacks.

Clearing the Pitioss Ruins in 6 Minutes?

It is actually possible, although still no easy feat. The main requirements in order to do so are a memorized layout of the dungeon, knowing the solution for the puzzles, and mastering the art of jumping around. Player Flobberworm4 has proven in the video he has uploaded, as shown below:

Other sites had also reported it is possible to complete Pitioss Ruins in around 6 minutes, such as the iTech Post and Hall Of Fame Magazine websites.

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