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Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough: How To Unlock Sealed Dungeons & Rewards

Final Fantasy 15 Guide


Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough: How To Unlock Sealed Dungeons & Rewards

Learn how to unlock the sealed dungeons in this short Final Fantasy 15 Guide.

Secret dungeons had always been a staple in the Final Fantasy series. The secret dungeons in Final Fantasy either require the flying vehicle obtained late in the game, or a quest that unlocks a special means of transportation. A dungeon is also usually hidden and could only be seen through a quest. Sometimes a dungeon is just in plain sight and can be easily accessed anytime, but would definitely crush a player if they are unprepared and under-leveled.

The sealed dungeons are secret dungeons in Final Fantasy 15. While sealed, they aren’t that concealed compared to the previous secret dungeons in the series. Any avid explorer would likely happen to run into them.

Sealed Dungeon Locations:

  1. Keycatrich Trench
  2. Greyshire Glacial Grotto
  3. Fociaugh Hollow
  4. Steyliff Grove
  5. Daurell Caverns
  6. Crestholm Channels
  7. Balouve Mines
  8. Costlemark Tower

The entrances are typically located near the boss area of the aforementioned dungeons. Gamers Heroes had also recommended to be at certain levels before taking on the sealed dungeons, starting with at least level 55 for Keycatrich Trench, and level 99 for Costlemark!

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Unlocking the Sealed Dungeons

It is imperative to have completed the game once before they could be unlocked. After having completed the game once, proceed to the Meldacia Hunter HQ located at Vesperpools, somewhere in its eastern areas.

Inside the HQ, look for an old lady named Ezma. Just speak to her and she will offer the keys. Just ensure that the most basic layouts of the dungeons have been thoroughly explored first.

Sealed Dungeon Rewards include: Dominator, Hyper Magnum, Enhancer, Organyx, Executioner, and Apocalypse Blade.

It’s also been stated on the Game N Guide site that the ‘Menace Beneath Lucis Quest’ must have been finished in order to be directed towards the specific locations of the entrances.

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