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Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough: How To Win At Fishing

Final Fantasy 15 Guide


Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough: How To Win At Fishing

In this Final Fantasy 15 Guide, players would learn how to catch fish like a pro and master the art of fishing.

The fishing mini-game has been a staple in more recent games from the series, starting with Final Fantasy XI.

In Final Fantasy XV, the fishes acquired often serve as ingredients for the cooking feature. However, there are prize fishes which cannot be eaten. While an optional mini-game, there are also some quests requiring certain fishes to complete. Here are some pointers on how to catch fish like a pro.

The Angler Action Skill

Before any player skill required in real life, this in-game character skill that is part of the Ascension Skill Tree is a must. It costs 18 AP, but the skill, along with the fishing mini-game, is a worthy investment. The skill grants 1 AP every time a fish is caught!

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Never neglect that fishing line

Always check the durability of fishing lines and always re-spool when its durability is turning bad. It’s troublesome to even catch a fish with a line whose durability is running low, what more if a prized fish shows up and the line suddenly breaks.

Understand the proper use of different types of lines

There are only 3 types of lines in the game, with the most expensive one being the most durable. However, it is impractical to use such a line on an easy game. So, reserve that Dragon’s Beard for prized fishes and quest-required fishes. Stick to Spider Silk for those easy catches and use the Super Baleen for those in between.

Learn the function of each Lure

  1. Vibration – use in wide open areas.
  2. Crankbait – for fishing in waters with lots of obstructions in the bottom.
  3. Minnow – perfect for fishing spots with crystal clear waters.
  4. Popper – ideal for fish swimming near the surface.
  5. Pencil – best to use whenever one is fishing during late in the evening or early in the morning.
  6. Swisher – makes fishes active in calm waters, bringing it to life.

Finally, be aware what fishes are attracted to certain colors. A heavier lure also means bigger catches. The websites iTech Post and Inverse also covered how to catch fishes properly.

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