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Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough On Catching Giant Fish ‘Devil Of Cygillan’

Final Fantasy 15 Guide

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Final Fantasy 15 Guide & Walkthrough On Catching Giant Fish ‘Devil Of Cygillan’

If you are looking for a fun Final Fantasy 15 Guide, here it is! Here is a complete walkthrough towards successfully netting the giant Devil of Cygillan fish.

This Final Fantasy 15 Guide will help you track and catch the Devil of Cygillan or the giant fish. Getting hold of this huge catch will be an amply rewarding experience for players without a doubt.

iTech Post reports that you should activate the Angler’s Nightmare Quest post finding the location. The Final Fantasy 15 Guide states that Navyth, the wandering fisherman, will be waiting for Noctis at Galdin Quay.

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What You Require 

This is the very last fishing challenge to be transferred to Noctis. Noctis will then have to catch the Murk Grouper which is the largest in this game. Size aside, its 900,000 stamina points make it a tough catch by all means.

Noctis should be at least level 7 and should have the best equipment prior to this challenge. Get the strongest fishing rod for Noctis and hook it with the toughest fishing line. The line should have 2,000 points of strength.

This line can be bought at the shop at the eastern side of Vesperpool. There is a pit stop within a tunnel or cave specializing in bone items and weapons. The Burrower bait has to be used and the Abyss Worm effectively lures the Mark Grouper.

Essential Things That You Should Know 

This bait will work during early morning or the late hours of night. Go to the Vannath Coast beach once you’ve got Noctis all kitted up. The Mark Grouper will not find a presence on the map.

Just put the fishing line close to where Navyath is placed. Once the Grouper bites your bait, remember that tapping the reel button is better. Do not hold it firmly against the catch since it may deflate overall line strength.

Once you complete the challenge, you will get the Tranquility Rod with 290 defense points. There will also be 5,000 experience points on offer.

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