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Final Fantasy 15 Guide, Walkthrough & Tips: Hidden Weapons & Flying Regalia Type F Revealed

Final Fantasy 15 Guide


Final Fantasy 15 Guide, Walkthrough & Tips: Hidden Weapons & Flying Regalia Type F Revealed

Learn how to unlock the Flying Regalia Type F and some hidden weapons in this Final Fantasy 15 Guide!

Flying Regalia Type F:

Cruising around in a car sometimes isn’t enough in exploring the world of Eos. What’s a better transportation to have than a car? A flying car! In typical Final Fantasy tradition, the party would eventually acquire some sort of flying vehicle as a part of the storyline late in the game. This isn’t the case with Final Fantasy 15, where it is just a side quest. Still, it could only be obtained near the end of the game.

The Regalia is converted into the Flying Regalia Type F by clearing the three Nifelheim bases:

  1. Southeast Lestallum – Aracheole Stronghold (Warped Wings)
  2. Southwest Old Lestallum – Fort Vaullerey (Unstable Stabliser)
  3. Northern Leide – Fermouth Garrison (Strange Engine)

Each base contains a major component for the Regalia. The first two, however, are a part of the main story line. Only Fermouth Garrison is a side quest. Game N Guide recommends to be at least 47 before taking on this base, as the enemies in the area are strong.

Once the three parts have been gathered, “Into Unknown Frontiers” would appear in the quest log. Just pay Cindy a visit and congratulations!

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Hidden Cross Shuriken and Hero’s Shield

These two hidden weapons are both found in the final area of the platinum demo of the game. Adult Noctis warp ability is also required. As soon as the final battle begins, climb the tower then drop down. During Midflight, scale around using the warp points until a balcony in the center with two glowing pads on it has been spotted.

IGN had also stated that the Cross Shuriken could only be grabbed after defeating the boss first.

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