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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Where & How To Find ALL Royal Arms

Final Fantasy 15


Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Where & How To Find ALL Royal Arms

Complete your set of Royal Arms in Final Fantasy 15 with this quick list! It is a tradition for every Final Fantasy game to have optional powerful, legendary weapons that could only be obtained through side quests.

Here is the list of the 13 legendary Royal Arms, and their respective locations:

Main Quest Royal Arms:

These Royal Arms wouldn’t be missed, as they would eventually be obtained as a part of the main quest.

  1. Sword of the Wise
  2. Axe of the Conqueror
  3. Swords of the Wanderer
  4. Blade of the Mystic
  5. Katana of the Warrior
  6. Trident of the Oracle
  7. Sword of the Father

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Side Quest Royal Arms:

The real hunt starts now. These Royal Arms could be missed by just playing the game straight. Higher leveled characters and some exploration are required. With the exception of Shield of the Just, all of them could be found in different dungeons.

8. Star of the Rogue (Location: Myrlwood) You’ll have to deal with a level 38 Treant before getting inside.

9. Shield of the Just (Location: Open world)

10. Scepter of the Pious (Location: Malmalam Thichket) You’ll have to fight a boss, the Bandersnatch.

11. Bow of the Clever (Location: Balouve Mines) Prepare to face a level 52 Aramusha at the end.

12. Mace of the Fierce (Location: Rock of Ravatogh)

13. Greatsword of the Tall (Location: Costlemark Tower) – You’ll be dealing with a powerful boss this time: the Jabberwock.

According to the VG 24/7 website, try to obtain this one for the last, as Costlemark Dungeon could only be handled by higher level characters. If you are going to attempt it then be at least at level 50+.

The US Gamer website has also posted a detailed guide on how to obtain each specific Royal Arm.

Congratulation for completing your Royal Arms set! They are definitely worth the trouble, being some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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