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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: List Of Locations For Best Weapons

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: List Of Locations For Best Weapons

The Final Fantasy 15 game has proven its worth through the years. But what fans loved most about it is its post-game content. As a result, a number of trusted sites dedicated to the game regularly release a Final Fantasy 15 Guide for the gaming public.

The post-game format of the Final Fantasy franchise is one thing distinguishable from that of other franchises. Still, using it may prove complex and nearly impossible at times. Only with the proper accumulation of the Final Fantasy 15 Guide can hardcore gamer really get a grip of the whole progress.

What Does The Final Fantasy 15 Guide Do?

It simply hints gamers with the best weapons and walks them through the whole Final Fantasy universe. By all means, anyone would want to acquire the best weapons there are for the taking. A Final Fantasy 15 Guide will come in handy for sure.

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Here Are The Best Weapons To Surviving A Post-Game Sequence [Locations Included]:

  1. The Dominator. This powerful elemental sword defeats all forms of demons. It can be located in the inside buildings lined along the Alstor Slough (North) paths in Duscae.
  2. Ultima Blade. The best thing about the Ultima Blade is that it gathers energy and power from enemies’ elemental powers. The Ultima Blade boasts of 208 Attack, +40 Max MP, +3 Critical and +30 Magic. The weapon lies along one of the tracks covered by the “A Better Engine Blade” quest.
  3. Soul Saber. Known fully as Soul Saber: The Cursed Legend, this weapon can cause maximum destruction to enemies. When Noctis treads with a low energy, the weapon’s power shoots up to 202 or more Attack, +3 Critical and +12 Max on MP. However, gamers can only acquire such weapon after accomplishing the ultimate quest by Randolph and reaching the post-game of the 15th
  4. A two-handed greatsword, the Apocalypse proves to be an ultimate weapon. It powers up with 332 Attack, +2 Attack and +403 Max HP. Gamers can steal it from enemies’ hands during encounters at a quest.
  5. The Balmung weapon boasts of massive and bonus damage to enormous enemies. Gamers can find the weapon particularly at the Steyiff Grove Dungeon.

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