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Final Fantasy 15 News: First Look At Character Creation Tool

Final Fantasy 15 News
Screen grab from Final Fantasy 15 Youtube Channel

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Final Fantasy 15 News: First Look At Character Creation Tool

Some good Final Fantasy 15 news! Square Enix is working on a character creation tool that will be coming soon.

Director Hajime Tabata On The Character Creation Tool

Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata shared details about the Character Creation Tool in an interview with DualShockers. The director stressed in the Final Fantasy 15 news report that the new feature will be added to the multiplayer mode in the game. Furthermore, he mentioned that he and his team aim to make the new setting applicable in the single-player mode as well.

Further in Final Fantasy 15 news, Tabata is proud to report that the character creation function is currently in the works. However, he shared that the team can’t show the new feature yet. He was afraid that showing it early may spoil the fun since the tool is still in its raw state. Additionally, he is proud to report that his team is not just implementing a character creation feature, they are also combining a multiplayer feature for the gameThis will allow the players of Final Fantasy 15 to create a character and bring it in multiplayer as well.

Right now, the tool lets players change the character and morph it into another one. Check out the image below that shows an early glimpse of the character creation tool. Moreover, the number of options in the tool is still limited, which includes height, muscle, and head size. The good thing is it’s likely to change as development moves ahead.

FInal Fantasy 15 NewsVida Madrona | Video Games Republic

Screen grab of Final Fantasy 15’s Creation Tool. Image source: DualShockers

Multiplayer, Downloadable Content, Development Costs And More

The director can’t share more details about the upcoming multiplayer feature just yet. All he can say as of the moment is that four gamers can use the multiplayer function simultaneously. The feature will not be the same as that of the multiplayer option seen in Grand Theft Auto V‘s online component.

Furthermore, Director Tabata shared in the interview that Square Enix wants to support Final Fantasy 15 as much as it can. Fans may have to wait longer because the current plan is that the Character Creation Tool will be finished after a year. Hopefully, Tabata’s team will be able to finish it sooner. Check out DualShockers to read the full interview.

In other news, it was reported that Final Fantasy 15 broke even on development costs in just one day. There seem to be more downloadable content (DLC) and updates happening soon. Just stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on Final Fantasy, other video games, tech, and more.

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