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Final Fantasy 15 Nintendo Switch Port Not Happening – Here’s Why

Final Fantasy 15
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Final Fantasy 15 Nintendo Switch Port Not Happening – Here’s Why

Square Enix has made it final. The video game developer said that there will be no port for their role-playing game Final Fantasy 15 available for Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy 15 is one of the most popular games as of late. It’s playable on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and has been received by fans positively. Reports have even showed the continuous success of sales for the game.

But as for wanting it to be released on the Nintendo Switch, Square Enix says that there are no plans for it. Hajime Tabata, Game Director for Final Fantasy 15, even confirmed it himself.

However, other Square Enix titles are available on the Nintendo Switch. Read on below to check out more of these titles and what Tabata has to say about not providing a Switch port for his game.

Hajime Tabata’s Statement

It isn’t because Final Fantasy XV won’t run on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, Hajime Tabata said that it could run on Nintendo’s newest console. It’s just that the developers and publishers haven’t tried it out or tested it yet.

Tabata also admitted that their developing team has showed interest in the Nintendo Switch. He claimed it would be “cool” if the Switch could run Android apps on its portable screen.

Other Game Titles Available On The Switch

Square Enix has confirmed a list of its games that would receive a port for the Nintendo Switch. These are Dragon Quest 11 and I Am Setsuna.

The game developer had previously promised to provide third-party support for the Nintendo Switch. Although it isn’t for Final Fantasy XV, they still managed to stay true to their end of the deal.

Some fans aren’t surprised to find that Final Fantasy XV isn’t included. This was due to a former Ubisoft rendering lead revealing that the current generation game ports may not be compatible with the Switch. This could be the reason why Final Fantasy XV could not have a port for it.

Fans can only hope that someday, Square Enix and Nintendo could work on this compatibility issue. Besides, Nintendo wouldn’t want to miss out on a popular game like Final Fantasy XV. Likewise, Square Enix could try out the Nintendo Switch and test the game on its platform soon.

What do you think? Should Square Enix bring Final Fantasy XV on the Nintendo Switch?

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