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Final Fantasy 15 Review: PS4 Release Date Download Bigger Than Expected – Patch Notes Released


Final Fantasy 15 Review: PS4 Release Date Download Bigger Than Expected – Patch Notes Released

The long awaited Final Fantasy 15 is slated for release this upcoming November 29 worldwide. While fans are eagerly waiting to play the game, it’s download size has dampened the mood of gamers.

The download file size for Final Fantasy 15 has been revealed. The file sizes are as follows: 40.5 GB for the PS4 version and 51.82 GB for the Xbox One.

However, the stated file sizes are most likely not entirely accurate. An added Day One “Crown Update” will make the file size bigger.

As posted on GameNGuide, the American and Canadian pre-load for Final Fantasy 15 is already available but the game isn’t activated yet. The pre-load is also out in Japan for the PS4, as confirmed by DualShockers. An additional 6.593 GB is required on Day One to be able to play the game.

Final Fantasy 15 Review: What to Expect from the Day One Patch

Square Enix had already provided some details on its patch, covering what to expect from Final Fantasy 15‘s day one “Crown Update” as detailed by Siliconera.

The following improvements are also expected to be in the game:

  1. The various bugs before had already been taken care of.
  2. Better camera adjustments and a more convenient menu are expected.
  3. Balance in gameplay, and more importantly, improvement on some scenarios in the game.
  4. Special mention goes to the improvement in the Leviathan summon boss fight, improving battle experience.

Before the actual release of the game, the game had concerns involving early leaks of the game. Final Fantasy 15 review leaks had released details about the gameplay which the developers apologized for.

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Thankfully, it didn’t manage to affect the official release date of the game.

Aside from the game itself, Final Fantasy 15 is also set to have a movie and an anime series. All would be set directly under the Final Fantasy universe.

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