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Final Fantasy 15 Tips: How To Beat Dread Behemoth

Final Fantasy 15
Image grabbed from Karpo Musick YouTube Channel.


Final Fantasy 15 Tips: How To Beat Dread Behemoth

Developers Square Enix stood up to their promise after starting the first Final Fantasy 15 timed quest. It already began last week on March 14, 2017, and players only have less than one week until March 20, 2017, to finish it.

The Final Fantasy 15 timed quest involves beating the level 140 Dread Behemoth and it is not easy. Players can ride their Chocobos over at the Northeast of Longwythe Peak and just South of the Three Valleys.

The Dread Behemoth is impossible to miss because of its tremendous size. Before approaching the said beast, dismount the Chocobos and prepare for one of the most intense battles in Final Fantasy 15.

Rewards for Beating the Dread Behemoth

It might not seem worth it but defeating the Dread Behemoth will give players tons of rewards. According to PSU, by finishing off the timed quest, players will net the following:

  • 30,000 experience
  • 1.2 million Gil
  • 999 AP

Keep Using Ignis

User Karpo Musick had already finished the time quest and he had provided a guide to those struggling with it. He claims that the Dread Behemoth is the hardest boss so far in the game. Considering the reward waiting for the players after beating it, he might actually be right.

Karpo Musick starts his attack with the classic Warp Strike. He said that the monster is extremely vulnerable to fire so it is advisable to use Ignis a lot.

Aside from that, it will also deal out tons of damage capable of bringing down Noctis’ party. To prevent a total wipe out, make sure to bring several Phoenix Downs.

In Musick’s gameplay video, he had at least 30 Phoenix Downs remaining so it is advised to bring more than 30 in order to survive the attacks of the Dread Behemoth. The Dread Behemoth will fly from time to time and if that happens, keep attacking with the Warp Strike.

According to Twinfinite, players should use Gladio to tank the attacks of the Dread Behemoth. Use him in order to keep Noctis, Prompto, and Ignis alive since the three of them will focus on the offensive.

Remain calm and do not rush the fight as players will recognize the Dread Behemoth’s pattern as the fight goes on. Manage each member of the party by monitoring their health points.

If an attack pattern shows itself and is effective, stick to it and keep repeating until the Dread Behemoth drops. According to the comment sections, some fire or ice attacks might heal the monster so be careful of that.

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