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Final Fantasy 15 Tips: Guide For Rewards In Chapter 1 Side Quest Completion

Final Fantasy 15
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Final Fantasy 15 Tips: Guide For Rewards In Chapter 1 Side Quest Completion

Learn how to finish all Final Fantasy 15 side quests in chapter one in this guide. Just like every other RPG, side quests are optional, although the rewards that could be acquired from them is usually worth the trouble. However, for us competitionists, one hasn’t really completed a game despite finishing the story if all side quests weren’t accomplished.

The following is a list of side quests found within the first chapter of the game.

1. The Pauper Prince:

The very first side quest you could do in-game. You party would inform you that you are broke when you try to purchase a weapon for the first time. Ask Cindy for a loan, and thankfully she is nice enough to lend you a few gil. Make sure to purchase a two-handed sword, as the main quest involves hunting down monsters that are weak against it.

2. Hunter Becomes The Hunted:

You must first complete ‘The Pauper Prince’ quest first in order for this to be unlocked. Head to the first way point and expect to be ambushed. Proceed to the next point after making quick work of them. In the cutscene, make sure to select the option where you’ll do it for free next, but you wanted to get paid. This will net you another magic flask.

3. The Mutant Marauder:

You’ll have to hunt the mutant Dave is talking about. Take note that despite being only level 2, it has lots of HP. It is also weak to fire.

4. The Highway Helper:

Rewards: 300 XP, 500 gil

Head northeast on the Hammerhead road and look for this guy NPC in need of a repair kit. You could purchase one at the gas station.

5. Gone Hunting:

Rewards: 500 XP, 10 hi-potion

This unlocks after making the delivery to Cindy at the motel. In the Longwythe rest area, look for an NPC who is said to be the leader of hunters. Head to the diner and you’ll find him at the shack next to it. Head inside and talk to the NPC to find out the whereabouts of the dog tag. Go back to Dave for your reward.

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6. Search and Rescue:

Rewards: 300 XP, 500 gil

Make sure you have a potion in hand for this quest. Head to the right side of the intersection in the Hammerhead and the Three Valleys. The character is sitting near rocks — use a potion on him to finish this.

7. Dust to Dust:

Rewards:  600 XP, 5 mega-potion

Dave’s 2nd dog tag quest. Head to the marker in the Prarie Outpost and defeat the enemies there. The dog tag in the area is located near a car.

8. Unlucky Driver:

Rewards: 300 XP, 500 gil

Make sure have another repair kit like the one earlier. Head down the Longwythe Peak road and speak to the NPC who needs it.

9. Broken Down:

Rewards: 300 XP, 500 gil

A quest that needs another repair kit. Look for another NPC with a broken car south of the Longwythe rest area road.

10. Kitty Catering:

Rewards: 600 XP, dragon scales

This quest wouldn’t be unlocked until after you’ve visited the Galdin Quay resort area. Interact with the cat there. You’ll need to catch a fish at the beach then cook it before giving it to the cat.

IGN has also posted a detailed side quest chart based on locations. Additionally, website iTech Post has also posted the side quests for the other chapters.

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