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Final Fantasy 15 Update: Christmas Content, New Game Plus Mode & More

Final Fantasy XV
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Final Fantasy 15 Update: Christmas Content, New Game Plus Mode & More

Finally, after six long years, the next installment Final Fantasy 15 dropped on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Five million copies were sent to retailers on its launch day, marking a new record for the franchise. It is almost one month since the release and Square Enix already released a 1.03 patch for everyone.

What does the Final Fantasy 15 latest patch include?

As promised, the latest patch has the holiday features everyone was waiting for. Although the full Holiday downloadable content pack itself is yet to be released within the day, people can already use the new Christmas-themed photo frames for Prompto’s photos.

The biggest feature of the latest patch is the New Game Plus mode. According to a report by Gamespot, the mode will be available for those who already finished the game’s main story. The mode will allow players to go through the game again from the beginning. Beware, however, that starting the game again will overwrite the existing save.

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What is great about this mode is that the player can carry over existing weapons, magic and skills. As reported by VG27/7, these are the items and features a player can keep:

  • Your weapons, including all arminger weapons
  • All magic and magic flasks
  • All previously skills unlocked
  • All ascension grid previously unlocked
  • All inventory from NG
  • All photos, recipes and fish caught
  • Gils from NG
  • AP from NG
  • Outfits including Kingsglaive ones

The New Game Plus mode is reported to not offer new or expanded difficulty options. In addition to that, the Regalia will revert to its base state and the Ultimate Blade will return to its original power.

The latest patch released for Final Fantasy 15 weighs in at 3.2GB. Publisher Square Enix also revealed the game’s full downloadable content plan. It includes a lot of free updates and six paid expansions. Comrades, the last DLC pack for the game, will have online co-op.

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