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Final Fantasy 15 Update Features Limited Edition Nissin Cup Noodles

Final Fantasy 15
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Final Fantasy 15 Update Features Limited Edition Nissin Cup Noodles

A fun Final Fantasy 15 update comes with limited edition Nissin Cup Noodles! This update has been welcomed by fans for its sheer novelty. Nissin has unleashed its limited edition Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodles range.

The integration of Final Fantasy 15 with Nissin Cup Noodles is a smart piece of marketing. Previously, Nissin had shown a mash-up television commercial made by the developers of the game, Square Enix.

The clip runs for around 30 seconds and is called Cup Noodle XV. Hypebeast reports that the Ultima Weapon themed fork is a big draw in the commercial. The clip pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of the super popular game franchise. It also pays tribute to the release of the franchise’s latest entry in November 2016.

Another New Initiative By The Companies

Square Enix and Nissin are also going all out with another new initiative. The companies are unleashing a special lottery for fans. Fans can now expect to win a limited edition set of cup noodles.

This set will focus on the main bosses in the latest game series. There will be 15 beasts, gods and demons right from Final Fantasy 1 to the 15th installment. These are nicely shown on these containers.

Winners will also get the special Ultima Weapon themed fork. This fork covers 60 cm which is really impressive to say the least. You can enter this unique lottery at the official website of Nissin.

The lottery starts from the 1st of February, 2017. Siliconera also confirms this unique collaboration. The bosses of the game are now taking over cup noodles by Nissin as part of this novel venture.

More Details For You 

This partnership was first announced at the 30th anniversary event for the game series. You can pre-order any of the 15 Cup Noodle packs from the 1st of February 2017. This starts from 10 AM JST for 6,048 yen, which is a little over US $50.

The lucky 30 individuals who buy the set of 15 boss-themed cup noodles are in for the special Ultima Weapon Fork as mentioned, adding appeal to the overall promotion. This fork has also been shown at this anniversary event.

The sheer size itself is pretty daunting to say the least! This collaboration should bring more fans to the series and will help the branding efforts of both companies. The commercial itself has attained huge popularity amongst fans. This could pave the way for more such exciting collaborations in the future.

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