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Final Fantasy 15 Update: Game May Have PC Port – Here’s Why

Final Fantasy 15
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Final Fantasy 15 Update: Game May Have PC Port – Here’s Why

Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata says it all. He said he wanted to see the latest Final Fantasy game on the PC, along with new features. This brings players closer than ever before to an actual PC port of the title.

It can be remembered that players waited for more than a decade to get their next Final Fantasy title. When Final Fantasy 15 was released, news on a PC port started spreading. However, there was no official announcement about its development until now.

Unfortunately, while Tabata’s statement does not confirm a Final Fantasy 15 PC port, it does provide hope. Will players get their desired PC release for the game? Here are Tabata’s thoughts.

Final Fantasy 15: PC Port Inevitable?

Tetsuya Nomura, who heads the Kingdom Hearts franchise, was originally the head of the latest Final Fantasy title. However, Tabata took his place following development woes through the years. This is why it may be necessary for Tabata to weigh in on the issue of a PC release.

Speaking to Gematsu, he expressed his desire to see the game on PC. He added he wanted to show PC users the game running on “high-end” machines. It was a personal desire of his as well, meaning there may be a chance for him to push through with the new project.

Of course, porting the game to the PC does not mean just improving the game’s visuals. Tabata said there may be a chance for user-created content to make their way into the game. This means protagonist Noctis and his friends may have the chance to wear new costumes and participate in other shenanigans.

PC Updates, DLCs?

It can be remembered that the trend of adding user-created content in games was popularized by other hit titles like Grand Theft Auto. Recent releases like Skyrim Special Edition also had mod support. This is why PC players may more or less want to get their own content in a potential PC port for Final Fantasy.

However, according to Game Rant, Tabata did previously warn that a PC port may only be possible if there is enough demand for it. The game’s success or failure will determine the popularity of console gaming in Japan. It’s worth noting that a PC port may have a greater impact on the Final Fantasy fanbase outside Japan.

The Game Rant piece added that most major releases on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 normally have PC ports along the way. Given that Final Fantasy‘s latest game is already a big hit in America and Europe, players may actually see a PC port in the future.

Of course, fans would still have to wait for an official announcement from Square Enix on the matter. Regardless, if Square is up for it, then it appears Tabata is ready to pitch in as well.

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