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Final Fantasy 15 Update: How Upcoming Expansion Will Improve Game

Final Fantasy 15
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Final Fantasy 15 Update: How Upcoming Expansion Will Improve Game

Final Fantasy 15 will get another expansion. Square Enix claims that this expansion is deemed to definitely improve the game. This is even beyond the extensive update that was already announced.

Hajime Tabata, a Square Enix game director who is part of the Final Fantasy Committee on franchise releases and in keeping the content of the game consistent with the whole franchise, claims so. He is also the Head of the Square Enix Business Division 2.

How Upcoming Expansion Will Improve The Game

Tabata discussed that the expansions and downloadable content (DLC) that they will soon add in the 15th version of Final Fantasy will improve the game even more. He mentioned in an interview with Weekly Famitsu as cited and translated by Dual Shockers that “we will evolve our released game Final Fantasy 15 more and more, and together with it, we will also evolve.” He also added that “[they] will further evolve the foundation and know-how of Final Fantasy 15 in preparation for new initiatives.” Tabata promised that the game is already undergoing development for the updates, and we are also working on an unannounced awesome expansion, so please look forward to it.”

Other Further Improvements Announced Earlier

Square Enix has updated Final Fantasy 15 with its first DLC for last year’s holiday celebration from an extensive and expensive scale on the season pass. Now, the game is set to have additional updates. Earlier, Square Enix said that upcoming updates will give even more features such as a multiplayer mode to the game. Tabata also teased about an additional avatar system. This will help players create their personal avatars.

Also, Tabata and his group plan to incorporate new playable characters and of course, new story scenes to the game. They assure that they will produce an improved gameplay through time-limited mob hunts in the DLC. Tabata also said before that he would want to have virtual reality content for Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy 15Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/theRadBrad account

Square Enix also just announced a new Active Time Report event for the game. Square Enix has not announced the date for the event, but the report will feature a New Year’s greeting and additional information. Fans expect that Square Enix will provide more information regarding this unannounced expansion during this event.

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