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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date & Gameplay Could Be FF15-Inspired

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Photo screen grabbed from PlayStation YouTube Channel.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date & Gameplay Could Be FF15-Inspired

With Square Enix revealing that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is slowly progressing, different speculations about the game have surfaced online. One of the possible features that developers might implement in the game includes the battle system of Final Fantasy 15.

Although recently released titles Horizon: Zero Dawn and NieR: Automata took the attention from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, fans still demand for information about the game. So far, developers have shared only a few details, including the first boss fight of the remake.

GameRant reports that achieving the complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be difficult to obtain for developers. The original Final Fantasy 7 became one of the most successful installments in the series.

Director Introduces Materia

In an interview with Famitsu uploaded through SiliconeraFinal Fantasy Director Tetsuya Nomura said that the Materia feature in the game would be like a skill. It might have the same effect as that of Final Fantasy 15 but it cannot be determined as of now.

Nomura previously teased Final Fantasy fans with an image of the first boss that they would encounter in the game. According to him, the anticipated game would have the same engine as Final Fantasy 15.

Since he mentioned that Materia would have similarities to skills in the game, combat attacks from Final Fantasy 15 might appear in the game. The Square Enix director even said that fans should not take it as synonymous to magic.

Another feature showed by the Kingdom Hearts director includes the box-hiding skill by Cloud Strife, the protagonist in the game. The skill did not exist in the original Final Fantasy 7 but developers did add it in Final Fantasy 15.

Nomura Explains Cloud’s Design

Looking at Cloud’s design, it has similarities with Noctis, the main character of Final Fantasy 15. Cloud’s designs went through five stages before developers confirmed that they would use his model for the upcoming game.

Nomura even mentioned that Cloud even reached the sixth stage of development. The said stage focused on making the protagonist more realistic. It added more details to his sword in order for it to look closer to a Western-style weapon.

They made his body height taller and they also added more muscles to his physique, making Cloud buffed. Meanwhile, Square Enix has not yet revealed what Sephiroth, the antagonist and rival of Cloud, would look like in the remade version of Final Fantasy 7. Developers have yet to announce any release date for the game but speculations suggest that it might come out early 2018, considering there are delays.

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