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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date: Gaming Events May Reveal More Updates

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date: Gaming Events May Reveal More Updates

Since the announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in 2015, there’s been a decline of information on the game. However, game director Tetsuya Nomura said recently that Square Enix will release new information on the game. They will reveal new details during several gaming events this year.

Tetsuya Nomura On The Upcoming Remake

Nomura said in an interview with Famitsu that there will be annual events, while talking about his schedule in 2017. There’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June. In addition, the Tokyo Game Show in September, and Jump Festa in December will be held as well. Of course, there is the much awaited Kingdom Hearts concert. This is while simultaneously managing things like season two of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (KHUχ) and Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Nomura mentioned that he didn’t give much information on Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) or Final Fantasy 7  Remake (FFVII) last year. However, he can show more about the progress of the events aligned this year. Nomura apologized that he still needs more time before releasing the other games. He asked fans to “Wait for your ‘surprise’.”

Furthermore, Nomura stated that work on the Remake is moving along well. He explained why the development process was taking longer now.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Overview

Final Fantasy 7 Remake retells the story of the original game. It follows Cloud Strife, who is a former Shinra soldier who joins the AVALANCHE eco-terrorist group as a mercenary to fight the Shinra corporation. Furthermore, it features full polygonal graphics opposed to the pre-rendered environments.

Footage shown at PlayStation Experience 2015 demonstrated the exploration and battle mechanics, which both take place in real-time like Final Fantasy XV. Unlike the ‘Active Time Battle’ system of the original, the remake uses a real-time battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. This allows players to freely control Cloud or one of his allies as they use their weapons to attack enemies. In addition, players can use magic and summons, and a Limit Break gauge allows characters to perform more attacks once charged. Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that while the game has more real-time elements, there would still be strategic elements. This includes elements such as selecting weapons and magic for each character to wield.

The Remake of Final Fantasy 7 is currently under development for PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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