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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date: More Main Cast Planned To Die

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date: More Main Cast Planned To Die

Final Fantasy fans ought to grab their seats. It appears the Final Fantasy 7 Remake may become darker than the original game. Somehow, more people had to die in the original iteration of the script.

This is pretty big news for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake fandom. This is of course because of the clamor fans have for the remake of the critically-acclaimed game. FF7 was, after all, one of the most popular games in the entire franchise – spawning feature films and spin-off games.

Much of the details about these surprising developments have come in time for the franchise’s anniversary. Aside from bonus content in a multitude of releases, FF7 creators have more news. Final Fantasy 7 Remake may after all tell the supposed real story behind Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Final Destination

According to a Polygon feature on the original game, the death of Aerith Gainsborough was indeed perhaps the most controversial death in video game history. First and foremost, Aeirth’s skill-set depended on holy and light-based skills. This makes her a healer, one of the most important members of the party.

Her integral role in the story made her death come off as a shock. Her death in Disc 1 at the hands of Sephiroth was truly a heartbreaking moment for gamers. Fans are, even now, grieving over the loss of the game’s damsel in distress. However, Tetsuya Nomura and other developers of the game helped explain this predicament.

It appears the producers wanted to kill off more of the main characters in the original game. There even came a point where they debated whether Barret or Aerith had to die in the original FF7 release. In fact, the game was supposed to take a Star Wars: Rogue One-esque turn, where all of the main cast were doomed to die.

According to the feature, as expanded in iTechPost, Nomura just had to stop the producers from carrying the original plans. In fact, it seems part of the plan was to kill everyone – except for three characters the player chooses. This scene refers to the last parachute part towards Midgar.

Nomura added the original plan was for all of them to die from a plane crash. Kazushige Nojima, the lead writer, proposed Aerith’s death on his own. However, everyone else opened up the idea whether or not everyone else should die as well.

Remake Plans?

If the original plan was followed, it may still come as a surprise. However, gamers will still get to see some of the cast members survive from the plane crash. Still, it was a pretty dark turn for Square Enix if this is followed.

The original plan may also mean the option of multiple endings. However, this can get difficult given the limitations of the PlayStation 1 at that time. Thankfully, the creators of the Remake are still sticking with the released version of the game.

This means players will only see Aerith’s heartbreaking death in high-definition. Luckily, this means the rest of the cast will more or less survive the rest of the journey. However, there’s still no news as for an official release date for the game. Players can, however, stay tuned as Nomura will be attending the Monaco Anime Game International Conference on February 19, 2017.

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