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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Shows Cloud Vs Sephiroth

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Image source from: Twitter / FinalFantasy


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Shows Cloud Vs Sephiroth

Square Enix released an image of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary. The image brought about excitement from the fans eager to see Cloud and Sephiroth back at it again.

The photo shared on the game’s official Twitter account showed Cloud with his Sword. In the background is Shinra Headquarters, where a huge Sephiroth stands guard behind it. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake already looks amazing based on this teaser photo.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information Square enix released for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There are no other updates related to it. Fans should not bank on more in-depth news since the remake is under development and could remain in such a state for a long time.

Aside from the remake teaser photo, Kingdom Hearts 3 also released a photo of Sora looking up at Yen Sid’s Tower, much like the image of Cloud looking up at Shinra. Whether this is a teaser of what is to come or just Kingdom Hearts joining in the fun for Final Fantasy 7’s anniversary, it seems that the folks at Square Enix are having the time of their lives teasing fans on their upcoming games.

Who Is Sephiroth?

For fans who are not familiar with Sephiroth, he is the main villain in Final Fantasy 7. He is a product of an experiment by Shinra. As a baby, he was injected with Jenova, an alien lifeform.

Sephiroth is described to be the opposite of Cloud. He planned on taking control of the planet. He’s considered one of the best video game villains. Additionally, he was also used as a boss character in Kingdom Hearts, as well as other Square Enix video games.

What to Expect In The Remake

It’s too early to tell what to expect in the remake. But, fans should take note that Square Enix could be adding something new to Final Fantasy 7 while still retaining the same plot.

With this said, it is only expected that it would take awhile for anything new to be revealed about the remake. It took Final Fantasy 15 ten years to complete so one shouldn’t expect several updates so soon.

Tetsuya Nomura once said about Kingdom Hearts that they work on one world at a time. That could be why it takes them awhile to reveal anything new. So if one would look at this in the context of Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix is probably working on this bit by bit.

Don’t worry though. You can be assured that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be worth the wait if the art is anything like the teaser photo revealed.

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