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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Teases 1st Boss Battle: What To Expect

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Teases 1st Boss Battle: What To Expect

Cloud Strife is in a pinch in the recent screenshots of Final Fantasy 7 Remake footage. Square Enix may have confirmed epic boss battles. This is good news for fans looking forward to the game’s development.

The reveal for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake came as a surprise last 2015. After all, the hype for Square Enix was all geared towards Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15. However, game director Tetsuya Nomura may have confirmed that the project truly is a go.

The new screenshots for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake came courtesy of this year’s Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) last February 18. The same images were also posted in the official Final Fantasy Twitter page. Fans ought to get primed for boss battles.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Giant Scorpion

Fans will instantly recognize these tweets as “re-imagined” modern versions of the first stage in Final Fantasy 7. Players will be introduced to Cloud Strife, a former soldier from Shinra, the world’s major power company in the game. He accompanies AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra resistance out to destroy the Sector 1 Reactor.

AVALANCHE believes Shinra is out to destroy the world if it keeps using its “life essence” for its reactors. However, Cloud and his friends realize that they are up for something they have not signed up for. Regardless, fans are aware of what happens next.

The first image, as shown in this tweet, shows Cloud and Barrett fighting the first boss of the game. The Giant Scorpion is a behemoth of a monster in the original game, but this is the first time fans can see it “on scale” to the two characters. In the original game, it was weak to lightning magic, one of Cloud’s specialties.

In the screenshot, however, it seems Cloud and Barrett are still planning on testing their physical attacks on it. The fight is set on the burning Reactor on the verge of exploding. This means not only do Cloud and Barrett have to defeat this challenging first boss, but they have to do it on a timer.

Stealth Element, New Gameplay

According to Game Rant, Tetsuya Nomura explained that he would reveal more information about the game this year. After all, he was a bit secretive in the development of it last 2016. He said that while the game’s development still has “ways to go,” there are surprises for fans. Another image, for instance, may hint towards a new gameplay “style.”

The second image, as found in this tweet, shows Cloud hiding behind some crates. However, it is implied that he is spotted by a guard. Interestingly, the way the tweet was written implies some stealth elements in the game. Perhaps this is Square Enix’s way of showing new mechanics integrated in the FF 7?

Adding a stealth element will open character development in a lot of areas. For instance, this opens the option for repeatable and random “missions” that involve infiltrating other Reactors. This will allow the game to have a replay element and allow Cloud and company to practice for missions.

New Gameplay

The gameplay options described above are actually used in Final Fantasy Type-0. Characters in the game can replay missions in varying degrees of difficulty to earn experience. The same tactic in the upcoming FF7 Remake can enhance tactics, as the game takes place in real time.

This is not new either, as Final Fantasy 15 features other tidbits as well. It was one of the very few games that featured a fully open world, at least in the game’s first half. The game also has its own set of side-quests, and even full-fledged downloadable content.

Fans of the series can more or less predict what happens throughout the rest of the game. This is a bit satisfying as the Final Fantasy 7 director, Yoshinori Kitase, originally planned for more characters to die. According to Polygon’s oral history for Final Fantasy 7‘s 20th Anniversary, Kitase actually planned to have players “choose” who lives or dies in the game’s final mission.

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