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Final Fantasy Franchise 30th Anniversary Event: Date, Ceremony & What To Expect

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event
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Final Fantasy Franchise 30th Anniversary Event: Date, Ceremony & What To Expect

The Final Fantasy franchise celebrates its 30th anniversary today. Square Enix made the first move of announcing and calling the event “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony”. By all means, the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event opens with the biggest surprises fans are dying to know. The following information consists of both confirmed and unconfirmed anniversary celebration-related details.

Setting The Date:

Square Enix set the date for the celebration of the said event to January 31, 2017. The game company has not yet revealed many details about the most anticipated event during the New Year. Subsequently, Square Enix also hinted a big-time showcase of Final Fantasy items during the set date for its celebration.

How Will The Ceremony Unfold?

Reports, although limited, were able to hint imminent, massive surprises during the set date. Fans can’t actually help it but to wildly imagine how the franchise is going to make a blow for the anniversary celebration. Coincidentally, the Final Fantasy franchise anniversary celebration sits exactly on the spot with Final Fantasy 7‘s 20th anniversary celebration.

The ceremonial scenarios that could most likely unfold in January are the showcase of PlayStation items and the announcement of the Fantasy 7 remake. These big events can most likely occur in special celebrations like an anniversary.

The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event marks another milestone for the franchise. Square Enix has never missed celebrating the event without noise in the past 30 years. Thus, the fans could only sigh in anticipation for a definite anniversary kick-off by January.

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What To Expect With Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event:

Recent information from the Square Enix official website mentioned about a possible kick-off at the TOHO Cinema in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan.

Meanwhile, the latest release of Final Fantasy 15 continues to impact the total brilliance of the Final Fantasy franchise. Such impact eventually gives more reason for anticipation among fans.

Another most anticipated development of the franchise as per anniversary celebration is the introduction of the FF7 board game due April next year.

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