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Final Fantasy New Game: Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Plans For 2017

Final Fantasy
Image Source: Hironobu Sakaguchi Twitter Account


Final Fantasy New Game: Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Plans For 2017

One of the most famous and most successful video game creators is planning to announce a new title next year. Hironobu Sakaguchi is best known for creating the worldwide hit game series, Final Fantasy.

Hironobu Sakaguchi previously worked with Square Enix until he founded his own company, Mistwalker. He is CEO of the said company and has over 100 million units of video games sold under his belt. Although popularly known as the Father of Final Fantasy, he also released several successful games like Terra Battle, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. He was also the director of movie Final Fantasy: Spirits Within.

New title from Mistwalker

According to an interview with 4Gamer as part of their massive year-end sessions with different developers, Sakaguchi plans to announce a new title in 2017. He did not further share the details of the upcoming game but some reports have speculations about it.

As pointed out by Gamespot, Mistwalker previously announced a technology partnership with Bravely Default developer, Silicon Studio. The said collaboration is for a new game which was announced earlier this year.

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Sakaguchi also shared some concept art for an unannounced game during a creative media master class at the UH West Oahu Library in Hawaii. However, no further details about it were revealed since then. It is unclear if all these are tied together and if this game is the one Sakaguchi plans to announce next year, but most people think it is.

More on Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi

According to Dual Shockers, Sakaguchi is now working on the home console version of his popular mobile JRPG, Terra Battle. It is currently in development and is not expected to be finished any time soon.

The former film director turned video games creator also teased about his plans to open a new development-type company. He is apparently considering naming the company, Dawnwalker.

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