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Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc with English Version Released; Demo Disc Shows Glitches, Bugs

Final Fantasy XV judgement disc


Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc with English Version Released; Demo Disc Shows Glitches, Bugs

The Final Fantasy XV judgement disc was released in Japan this weekend. Many game enthusiasts expressed their excitement to play the demo version. However, the game came in the Japanese language.  On a tangent, those who have tested the demo version already revealed that there were bugs and glitches in the Final Fantasy VX  gameplay. Read on for more details!

Final Fantasy XV  judgement disc English version

According to University Herald, the demo version of Final Fantasy XV came with a PlayStation 4 Pro support. However, due to the time constraints, the media outlet reveals that the judgement disc did not come with an English language option.

Nevertheless, the outlet cites a website called Dual Shockers where gamers can find the translations of the in-game options. Accordingly, the website helps players personalized the gameplay.

An excerpt from the article reads: “The site has translated the options under the following settings: sound, speaker, subtitles, brightness, controller, camera control, vertical direction, horizontal direction, battle camera distance and navigation map both for PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, the site has also translated the Image Quality Settings for PS4 Pro which has become the least expected added feature.”

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Final Fantasy XV review

Meanwhile, GamenGuide reveals that gamers found a few bugs and glitches on the Final Fantasy XV judgement discIn fact, the latter publication notes that players were “reporting weird experience” throughout the game. Apparently, the graphic quality and video rendition reportedly had bugs and glitches.

In particular, the last-mentioned media outlet reports gamers suffering from “annoying red lines” which randomly appear on the screen. Also, players observed “overlapping objects” such as floating rocks and inaccurate lights.

An excerpt from the said article reads: “Come to think of it, the game itself and other elements are stable so Square Enix could probably fix these ‘Final Fantasy XV’ bugs in the final version. These type of incorrect graphics rendition are easy fix anyway and can be supplemented with plain patch.”

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Nevertheless, the purpose of the judgement disc is to collect reports about the bugs and glitches. It looks like it served its purpose, and the latter publication notes that the errors can easily be fixed.

The Final Fantasy XV release date is on Nov. 29 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. What did you think of the Final Fantasy XV judgement disc? Comment your thoughts below!

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