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Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Alternative Ending: How To Access & What To Expect

Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Alternative Ending
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Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Alternative Ending: How To Access & What To Expect

It has been a few months since the initial Final Fantasy XV release, but the hype has yet to die down. Especially now, with the rise of a certain Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 alternative ending. In fact, such an alternate ‘ending’ could even be a primer for the upcoming Episode Gladiolus, the first DLC (downloadable content) pack of the game.

What Is The Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Ending?

The recent update regarding the game doesn’t pertain to an alternate conclusion, per se. It actually refers more to an alternate chapter that allows players to take control of Ignis and Gladiolus as they are on the search for Noctis.

The alternate Chapter 13 can be accessed from the main menu, but only once players have already beaten the game the first time around. This ‘new’ Chapter 13 consists of about 20 minutes of gameplay, though there are no notable revelations or new plot points that players may discover with this approach. Besides taking control of Gladiolus (with Ignis in tow), players will also encounter Ardyn and engage battle with robot soldiers along the way.

At most, this alternate Chapter 13 is worth checking out to get a better feel of Gladiolus’ battle style if players have intentions of picking up this DLC. After all, Gladiolus’ battle style differs from that of Noctis’, and the anticipated DLC will feature new battle gameplay to further enhance Gladiolus and his attacks.

Episode Gladiolus DLC

Episode Gladiolus will soon release later today. It will focus on Gladiolus’ point of view, particularly during the point in the main story when the character leaves the party. Furthermore, the DLC will provide insight on Gladiolus’ relationship with Noctis, as well as with the rest of their friends.

Other than the aforementioned battle gameplay, special items will also be made available in the DLC. New gameplay modes have also been added for players to explore upon the expansion’s release.

Will you be trying out the Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 alternative ending? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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