To put the photo mode to use, Kotaku provided a short guide. The site advised to just press R2 to go to the item menu and then go left so that the camera becomes selectable. iDigital Times also suggested that to change view, one must press Square to put Noctis and the party within the frame. Moreover, the right joystick allows the changing of the view. R2 allows zooming in and L2 helps zoom out. However, players cannot change the exposure or depth of the photo. But, players can access all the filters Prompto has unlocked. Players can also rotate shots using the right stick and zoom with the trigger buttons.  

The photos can be viewed again. They can also be shared on social media sites. However, they would not be in the same album as that of Prompto’s because Noctis has his own gallery. Another downside is that the patch that introduces the new camera mode does not raise the 150 cap on photos.

Final Fantasy 15Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Testing out the new photo mode update. Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/VGBites account

There is also an alternative on learning how the use the photo mode in the game itself. Players will be able to learn how to use the camera feature on the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. There is a short tutorial there on how it works.

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