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Fire Emblem Fates Leaked For Nintendo Switch: Here’s What We Know

Fire Emblem Fates
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Fire Emblem Fates Leaked For Nintendo Switch: Here’s What We Know

Fire Emblem Fates appears to be heading for the Nintendo Switch. This is good news for fans of the hit RPG (roleplaying game). Will it click?

Leaks of Nintendo source code point towards a Fire Emblem Fates port for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. This piece of evidence seems to confirm a lot of rumors for an upcoming game in the Switch. However, fans are more enthusiastic if it will bring new features into the fray.

Fire Emblem Fates fans will know the hit RPG basically changed the dynamics of the genre since its release. Its intricate choice system and marriage system allowed for mechanics never seen before. However, will this be enough to bolster the Switch’s sales?

Fire Emblem Fates: Confirmed for the Switch?

The good news has arrived courtesy of NeoGAF user Mr. Pointy. While his post has an image of the leaked source code, the link attached to it links to the original game’s website. However, this just bolsters fan rumors about a Fire Emblem game in the Switch.

Fans will however have a hard time guessing the Switch’s “version” of the game, if there is such. Its nature as a handheld and a console expands the options for the entire franchise. After all, the three separate Fates titles were released on the 3DS.

According to Game Rant, fans can officially find out news about the new Fire Emblem game after its Nintendo Direct session. Fans can expect more reveals and confirmations from this event at 2PM Pacific Time. This means until then, fans can take the source code leak with a grain of salt.

Forms, Speculations

One possibility is that the Fates in the Switch can have the Japanese audio option. Fans can remember this had been pulled out in the original 3DS release. The petting scene can also return, along with some downloadable content.

Still, if the Fates game is confirmed, this is good news for hardcore fans. This opens up the possibility of a new Pokemon game as well, or even a new Metroid title. In the meantime, fans can so far enjoy Fates for the Nintendo 3DS.

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