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Fire Emblem Heroes Event: What To Expect From 1st Grand Hero Battle

Fire Emblem Heroes Event
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo Mobile account

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Fire Emblem Heroes Event: What To Expect From 1st Grand Hero Battle

An upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes event will focus on the mobile game’s first Grand Hero battle. The event will start this February 10 at 2AM, Eastern Standard Time (EST). It will end on February 14 at 2AM EST and will run for four days. The game is still available for download on iOS and Android devices.

What To Expect

Aside from launching an event that will help players gain orbs upon completion in six different maps, Nintendo will launch the game’s first Grand Hero battle. In the Fire Emblem Heroes event, the opponents whom players will face is Narcian who is a Wyvern General. He first appeared as a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Narcian has good speed for a Wyvern Lord. He is equipped with Runesword and a Delphi Shield which renders him tough to defeat. The best way to probably defeat him is to steal his shield and gem before shoot him with arrows from any snipers or nomad troopers available —  at least, in The Blinding Blade version.

More Content Planned

Nintendo is supporting its mobile games as much as they can as noticed by Pocket Gamer. Thus, they are carrying out new events and content regularly such as the Fire Emblem Heroes event. To cite an example, Super Mario Run obtained new updates with new modes such as an event which features Goombas, one of the major species of the Super Mario franchise.

The same will be done with Fire Emblem Heroes. According to IGN, game director Kouhei Maeda – who directed the game on the Nintendo 3DS platform – claimed that new characters, skills, and game modes that “go on different directions from the current gameplay” will be installed in game updates. He said that the company also aims to launch two additional stories per month.

This will be Nintendo’s strategy for a post-launch push for the game. Another game director, Shingo Matsushita said that the team will pursue more works with the game as long as players perform their part in continuously supporting the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes EventPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Fire Emblem Heroes normal battle.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo Mobile account

Maeda could not disclose anything about details on how future Fire Emblem games will tie with 3DS and Nintendo Switch content. However, he said that it is possible that the game may have a turn-based strategy on smart devices which was done during the making of Fire Emblem Fates.

“The goal of Fire Emblem Heroes during development was to have the main team behind Awakening and Fates create a brand-new game in the main Fire Emblem series,” Maeda said.

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