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Fire Emblem Heroes Guide For Best Gameplay

Fire Emblem Heroes
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Fire Emblem Heroes Guide For Best Gameplay

Fire Emblem Heroes can be confusing at times. Here are some tips and tricks to score better.


Linking a Nintendo Account in Fire Emblem Heroes gives the player 10 free Orbs. Just tap ‘Home’ to get the freebies.

When a player starts a new game, Fire Emblem Heroes will conjure Orbs, which can be used to summon random characters. If they didn’t get anything at first, deleting and reinstalling the game will do the trick. However, players need to go through the tutorial again, which might take a couple of minutes. Once done, get at least one five-star character, as they’re the rarest and strongest of the bunch.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for daily rewards. These are the best way to get items in Fire Emblem Heroes, especially on weekends.

In The Battlefield

It is best to pick one heavy hitter, one long range user, one defensive or healing unit, and one all-rounder. While in battle, tap and hold on enemies to see their range to know the type of opponents a player is getting into. They are the gamer’s first line of defense, so pick wisely.

Go into the battlefield with only four and five-star units, even if they’re not the best. If the rank is high, there is potential for growth, which yields better in duels. Furthermore, two heroes with the same stars may have completely different stats, so it is best to use the one with better numbers. Players can check both stars and stats by going to ‘Allies’ and then ‘Edit Teams.’ Sort them according to rarity to find the best fighter.

After Battle Preps

The first thing players should be doing is upgrading their castle. Just select the green castle icon on the top right. Here, they can buy experience points upgrades that will greatly enhance their gains during battle.

On the other hand, getting two of the same character can be annoying. However, players can combine them into a single character. To do this, click on Allies > Advanced Growth > Merge Allies. Just tap on the unit desired, then select Enhance or Lose box.

New characters should be leveled up quickly. Playing the same story missions will give lesser experience points. It is best to go to the Training Tower under the ‘Battle’ menu instead. Each Stratum lists enemy levels there, so it is best to get only what is needed at this stage.

Other Challenges

Guess what? There’s a peer-versus-peer features as well! Get a Dueling Sword to participate in the game. There are different challenges, and players can select what they want. Better prizes can be acquired as long as players keep winning. Eventually, players will gain an army of heroes. Players can select different teams for the specific task at hand under Allies > Edit teams. Here, players will see some arrows next to the icons of their main team. Tap that to go through the other units. In addition, the same hero can be a part of a number of teams.

Having fun with Fire Emblem Heroes so far? Comment below! Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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