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Fire Emblem Heroes Mobile Game To Launch On February 2

Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem Heroes Mobile Game To Launch On February 2

Fire Emblem Heroes will be launching on the 2nd of February, 2017. It will be available for Google Play and will soon come to the iPad and iPhone as well. Nintendo has made the official announcement already.

The Fire Emblem Heroes announcement for phones is sending fans into a tizzy. The game is going to be an entirely free download which is great news indeed. However, there will be the regulation in-app purchases available as well.

Pre-registration for Google Play commences on the 19th of January for Fire Emblem Heroes. This should certainly spark a long line of fans eager to play the game according to Gematsu. The game will have you playing out several tactical battles.

What You Will Do

You will be levelling up Heroes all throughout the entire Fire Emblem game series. A summoner will be the role for you to take up. You will start calling Heroes from the entire series.

This will enable you to assemble a coveted army that is nothing short of a dream. You can easily drag your allies to enemy terrain/units for attacks. You can also make use of the regular controls.

There are maps that will fit your phone screen with ease. These maps help you cash on terrain based advantages. You have to plan strategically in order to be victorious.

Veterans will love the return of the famous weapon triangle mechanism. You are required to plan battle strategies based on enemy attributes. Characters in the mobile game version will get new art work.

This is being hand drawn by several noted artists and there will be newly recorded voices too. There will be several game modes including the “Training Tower”. These modes are to be used for levelling up all your Heroes.

Voting for Favorite Heroes

Silicon Era reports that fans can visit They can select all the characters that they want to see in the upcoming game.

The top ranked heroine and hero will then become event characters in Choose Your Legends. Nintendo Account holders are also eligible for Platinum point bonuses if they vote.

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