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Fire Emblem Heroes Now Available: Gameplay & What To Expect

Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem Heroes Now Available: Gameplay & What To Expect

Fans of the Fire Emblem franchise can now bring the game straight into their phones. Fire Emblem Heroes has just launched for mobile devices. What can fans expect from the game?

Fire Emblem Heroes is just one of several from the lineup of games under Nintendo’s helm that they plan to release in the next few years. The first was Super Mario Run, which paved the way for the arrival of the red-clad plumber in phones. This time, the new Fire Emblem game may hopefully ride the hype train that Pokemon GO set up for them.

The new Fire Emblem Heroes game will bring the fan-favorite elements of the Fire Emblem franchise in mobile gaming. Fans can also expect new features along the way. However, is it worth the download?

Fire Emblem Heroes:

According to Polygon, the game takes a lot from the original Nintendo 3DS franchise. Its vast collection of heroes for hire allows players, both newcomers and veterans, to get that fresh Fire Emblem spirit. Players can get classic characters such as Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, as well as their companions.

Almost every character in the game is available to be purchased for funds. This is a good thing as the game dates back to 1990, which means there will be a ton of characters to choose from. Players have to earn in-game credits to purchase these characters.

According to the Verge, the game is completely free to play, but new content and additional characters have to be purchased using in-game “orbs.” Sadly, these “orbs” are purchased with real money. Players can download the game for the Android and iOS at the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. 

New Features, Gameplay

It may be interesting to take note that the game does not retain all classic Fire Emblem gameplay features. Characters do not have exclusive scenes that flesh out their personalities, unlike in the 3DS. However, there are exclusive voice lines for every character, meaning a part of their personalities were still preserved.

Sadly, the popular romance feature in the franchise is also not present in Heroes. In the original games, characters that pair up together will be able to protect one another and even have kids. These features are not present in Heroes.

However, the game does retain its primary combat functionality. As with other Fire Emblem games, Heroes retains the weapon triangle. This means swords beat axes, axes beat spears and lances, and spears and lances beat swords. The triangle is constantly present on the screen, which means players can quickly look at it for reference.

Luckily, Heroes does not feature the game’s permadeath mechanic. This means players that die are resurrected. The option is a good addition, seeing that much of the characters are either purchased using real-world funds or even the lottery system.

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