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Fire Emblem Heroes Release Date: Ike & Lyn Lead In Fan Event

Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem Heroes Release Date: Ike & Lyn Lead In Fan Event

There is widespread speculation about the Fire Emblem Heroes release date. This mobile game is coming to the iOS and Android platforms next month as per reports. There will be several familiar characters from the series.

Strategic battles are also expected to be a major part of the game. For now, fans are waiting with bated breath for the Fire Emblem Heroes release date. Nintendo has already issued the announcement of its integration for iOS and Android.

Early February 2017 is when the Fire Emblem Heroes release date should fall. The game is also in the news for its “Choose your Legend” event as per Silicon Era. As part of this event, fans can vote for characters that they wish to see with exclusive outfits.

More on the Contest

The contest is already nearing its halfway mark. Nintendo has already shared the current results on its official Twitter account. Lyn from The Blazing Blade and Ike from Path of Radiance are already on top at the moment.

Voting is going to officially conclude on the 31st of January, 2017. Anyone participating in the event will get 200 Platinum Points for My Nintendo. This is only applicable while being signed into one’s Nintendo Account.

The 2nd of February is when the game should arrive for both mobile platforms. Polygon reports that fans are required to place votes in a smarter way going forward. The contest is also indirectly crowning the most popular versions of characters.

What About the Characters?

For example, Marth is one character who has been available in multiple games in the series. He takes up several positions in the contest depending on the games preferred by players. Ike is holding on to the top spot in the Heroes list. Lyn is also at number 1 in the list of Heroines.

Marth, however, is going to be kept out of higher positions through the voting method on offer. His appearance as Shadow Dragon is at number six. His Mystery of the Emblem role is at number 14. Nintendo’s decision to split his vote between multiple characters gives him a slim chance.

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