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Fire Emblem Heroes Update To Add New Stories Every Month

Fire Emblem Heroes
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Fire Emblem Heroes Update To Add New Stories Every Month

Fire Emblem Heroes is on course towards getting a major update. New stories will be added twice every month as per reports. The game launched for Android and iOS devices last week.

Fire Emblem Heroes enthusiasts are super excited about this latest update. The classic Nintendo gaming series has certainly gotten off to a good start in the mobile gaming support. This update takes things further in terms of post-game embellishments.

Fire Emblem Heroes players were putting up online queries on post-game support and tweaks. This latest update answers all their questions with aplomb as per Game Rant. Game director Kouhei Maeda talks of adding new stories periodically with one to two additions expected each month.

What Else Should You Know

One new story can be expected every fortnight since Nintendo wants to keep the initial momentum going. However, it is still unclear whether these new stories refer to multiple mission sets or single missions. Maeda also confirms that several new skills and characters are also coming soon.

He states an idea pertaining to new modes which are set to give new dimensions to gameplay. The game co-director Shingo Matsushita also reveals that new content will be pumped in for supporting the game as long as possible.

He appeals directly to players to support the game so that more innovations can be brought about. This game is free to play and in-app purchases are the major profit-making devices for the company. There is no single payment required from players for unlocking all game content.

This may be a source of disappointment for fans used to Nintendo’s regular traditions. However, this translates into a welcome development for players seeking new character and map additions. In case players keep forking out money for the game, new content is expected to be released pretty regularly.

What’s Coming Next? 

There are several exciting developments in the pipeline since Nintendo reportedly wants to scale up the franchise in the future. Several projects could release for the Switch and 3DS over the next year or so. These titles may be connected to the mobile gaming app as sources suggest.

When asked about future announcements, Maeda remains tightlipped, according to Forbes. He only indicates that exciting news will be coming soon to players. He also apologizes for not being able to reveal any further details at this present time.

Nintendo is presently push-selling the Fire Emblem franchise in its mobile avatar. 15 years earlier, it was predominantly known as a Japanese game. However, it is one of the rising stars of Nintendo’s global portfolio.

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