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Fire Emblem Heroes: Why You Shouldn’t Spend $1000 On The Game

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Why You Shouldn’t Spend $1000 On The Game

One loyal fan of Fire Emblem Heroes spent $1,050 to get more characters in the game. Is it enough to get all of them? Apparently not.

What A Reddit User Amassed After Spending $1,050 For Fire Emblem Heroes

Reddit user Kookoo22 has shared screenshots of his Fire Emblem Heroes in-game barracks, showing that he has a collection of 500 characters. 35 of the characters are five-star, while more than 150 are four-star. Most of the rest are just three-star characters.

Kookoo22 has been answering queries about the process in the Reddit forum. Some players have noticed that despite the large sum of money spent, seven of the well-known characters which include Hector, Tharja, and Nowi are not on the roster. Fire Emblem Heroes uses the Japanese gacha model, which makes the users pay to unlock characters. Sadly, spending over $1,000 in the game wasn’t enough to collect them all.

“I have a really good job and I don’t really spend on much else besides the necessities, my entertainment budget is mainly gaming related,” Kookoo22 happily stated in the forum.

He said that he won’t be continuing until the focus summon changes, which influences what characters the users may obtain. Nintendo shared that future expansions will introduce more characters. Kookoo22 notes that he intends to spend “probably $100-$200” to activate the upcoming additions.

Spending $1,000 on a free-to-play game may seem outrageous to some. However, these types of players keep free-to-play games stay afloat. It is good to know that Kookoo22 does not have any regrets with the purchase.

New Stories Every Month!

In other news, the game is getting a major update. New stories will be added twice every month as per reports. The classic Nintendo gaming series has certainly gotten off to a good start in the mobile gaming support. This update takes things further in terms of post-game embellishments.

Players were putting up online queries on post-game support and tweaks. This latest update answers all their questions with aplomb as per Game Rant. Game director Kouhei Maeda talked about adding new stories periodically with one to two additions expected each month.

What’s Coming Next? 

There are several exciting developments in the pipeline since Nintendo reportedly wants to scale up the franchise in the future. Several projects could release for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS over the next year or so. These titles may be connected to the mobile gaming app as sources suggest.

When asked about future announcements, Maeda remained tightlipped, according to Forbes. He only indicated that exciting news will be coming soon to players. He also apologized for not being able to reveal any further details at this present time.

Nintendo is presently push-selling the Fire Emblem franchise in its mobile avatar. 15 years earlier, it was predominantly known as a Japanese game. However, it is one of the rising stars of Nintendo’s global portfolio.

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