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First Demo For Abandon Ship Game Available At Gamer Weekender 2017

Abandon ship game
Image Source: Abandon Ship Twitter Account

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First Demo For Abandon Ship Game Available At Gamer Weekender 2017

Abandon Ship game made its presence known at the beginning of November with its announcement trailer. It described itself as FTL: Faster than Light meets Sunless Seas in the “golden age of sail.” It is rightly so because it makes use of FTL-style commands and features roguelike elements like that of the latter game.

For those who are not familiar with these video games, one can simply envision the Battleship and Pirates of the Caribbean movies in one. The developers describe the game set as “Grounded Fantasy” meaning that it is mainly a believable world with some fictitious elements like sea monsters. The upcoming game will make its first ever public demonstration at the beginning of 2017.

First Demo for Abandon Ship Game

It was announced earlier this week that Abandon Ship‘s first demo will happen at the PC Gamer Weekender 2017. The session will be hosted by its developer, Fireblade Software. According to a report by PC Gamer, the demo will showcase some of the core mechanics of the game.

That will include how a player can control the crew, explain the functions of every part of the ship and introduce the gameplay systems that gamers will be playing against factors like weather and other ship’s weaponry. Understanding this is crucial as the player will be the captain of the ship. He or she will be responsible for moving around the crew to perform steering, repairing and firing cannons when necessary.

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The game will not end when the ship is destroyed. In fact, it will only make the game harder. If the player manages to get on a lifeboat, he or she can travel to a port and acquire a new ship and crew. However, if one does not make it, the player will be stranded in the water and it will be a lot harder to get back on a port. According to Abandon Ship‘s official website, unique events will happen in either of the scenarios.

Abandon Ship game will be available for PC. The event PC Gamer Weekender Played On Omen by HP will be held on February 18-19, 2017.

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