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First Look At Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay: What To Expect

Super Mega Baseball 2
Image Source: YouTube Video Screenshot/ dodgerfilms YouTube Account

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First Look At Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay: What To Expect

For the first time- the Metalhead Software, a Canadian indie studio, gives us a glimpse of the Super Mega Baseball 2. Immediately, a game with revised and improved visuals welcomes us for the rest of the holidays. Read further for more game-play details and features.

What Were Enhanced From The First Game:

The game’s original version had fairly landed a reputation way back in 2014. Super Mega Baseball served as a testimony enough for the sport fans. The game maintains light-hearted kid’s atmosphere without losing the actual dynamics of the Baseball Game.

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Continuing The Legacy:

Since the Super Mega Baseball had successfully secured a franchise in the making, its sequel will now assume the position. However, the sequel would not care to proceed with release without a bit of a revision and enhancement.

Many expert users noted many users’ feedback for the main game. So far, they loved the game’s concept. But what most found irritating is the game’s exaggerated art. Its art was extremely out of proportion, such that the human characters were no longer identifiable.

The All-New Package:

Therein, the game’s fans could immediately point their fingers on the revised portions seen on the Super Mega Baseball 2– human characters’ outlines were toned down and environment color’s intensity was softened a bit. The Metalhead Software designers were interestingly keen enough to maintain the flavor of the game even with the given revision.

Physically-Based Rendering: New Graphics Technique:

But the game is to reveal its biggest highlight yet- physically-based rendering. This graphics technique enhances the quality of the game’s entire atmosphere so that it responds to light more naturally.

What The Company Intends:

Metalhead co-founder, Scott Drader, disclosed in an interview that the company is doing every possible means to perfect the game’s quality. The whole designers’ team is making sure that things will be smooth during the official released of the Super Mega Baseball 2 game.

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