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For Honor Beta Pre-Load Now Available: What To Expect

For Honor
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For Honor Beta Pre-Load Now Available: What To Expect

Ubisoft just made its For Honor beta available for pre-load before its scheduled release. The date is set just a few days away but the pre-load is now available, so read on below to know more about it and what to expect.

The For Honor beta goes live on February 9 and ends on the 12th. This is just days away from its official release which is on February 14. Ubisoft has made the game available for pre-load, so fans are ready to test it out openly on the 9th.

For Honor is playable on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For more information on the size, modes, and multiplayer maps, you may see the details below.


The file size for the beta is 27 GB. This gives players enough time to start pre-loading the game before it goes live.

A closed beta version of the game was made available last January 26 to 29. For those who were able to join in on the closed beta, you’ll find that the open beta is quite similar and provides the same experience.

Four Different Modes

There are four modes in the game. These are Elimination, Dominion, Brawl and Duel. Expect to only have limited characters to choose from for now since this is only a beta version.

Nine fighter classes are also available in the open beta. But once the game releases officially, you can expect to have five modes and 12 heroes.

Six Multiplayer Maps

Aside from the number of modes and characters, the beta will also only include six multiplayer maps. There are 12 all in all, but these will become available once the game officially releases.

Having to test out six separate multiplayer maps out of the 12 is already considered a great deal. This already gives players a look into what to expect and anticipate should they finally complete all 12.

Other Updates

Ubisoft is currently hosting a “War of the Factions.” This is a competition that has Mixed Martial Arts’ Demetrious Johnson and Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa fight as different factions in the game.

Other Twitch personalities are featured in this event as well. The competition starts at 2:00 PM PT and is viewed online. Click on this link here to start streaming.

Are you excited for the open beta? Or will you opt out and just wait for the official release on the 14th?

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