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Fans Launch For Honor Boycott Against Ubisoft: What Happened

For Honor Boycott
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Fans Launch For Honor Boycott Against Ubisoft: What Happened

A For Honor boycott is circulating the scene after news broke out of the For Honor community boycotting the game due to unresolved issues that have been placed in the backseat by its publisher, Ubisoft. Fans and players of the multiplayer melee video game have grown frustrated by Ubisoft’s lack of action to address the community’s concerns. Thus, the planned boycott.

For Honor Boycott: What’s Happening

Essentially, players intend to boycott the game due to Ubisoft’s negligence of the community’s concerns. The growing list of complaints has risen due to a build up of issues in the game that left many frustrated. Some of these concerns include combat glitches, connectivity problems, imbalanced characters, and issues with matchmaking. Additionally, the Steel currency system has also been pointed out as another issue due to how difficult it can be for some players to unlock rewards and bonuses.

According to the For Honor subreddit for the aforementioned boycott, players have repeatedly reached out to Ubisoft regarding their complaints. However, Ubisoft’s responses have been vague without much solution, leaving many with more questions than answers.

This wouldn’t be the first time the For Honor community banded together to stand up against Ubisoft. Previously, players opted out of Steel packs (and pushed for others to follow suit) due to their hefty price.

What Ubisoft Has To Say

Incidentally, Ubisoft has just released a new update for improvements on the Steel system and the return of the River Fort. According to Kotaku, these tweaks were rolled out before news of the boycott had surfaced. There has so far been no word from Ubisoft regarding how they will address the community’s effort, if any.

The For Honor boycott is scheduled to take place on April 3 at 5AM EST. It will reportedly last for 24 hours, but players who intend to go beyond that time frame may do so on their own accord.

Do you think this effort will catch Ubisoft’s attention once and for all? Is this boycott a good idea, or could there have been an alternative approach? Sound off in the comments section below!

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