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For Honor Game Closed Beta Slated For January 26: Details Here

For Honor Game
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For Honor Game Closed Beta Slated For January 26: Details Here

Ubisoft finally announces the closed beta for its upcoming For Honor game. Players can finally see and use their favorite warriors again. Fans can play a closed multiplayer beta of the game from January 26 to 29.

However, Ubisoft also launches a lot of news about the game. But, it seems unlike any other betas, there is no timed console exclusivity. This means For Honor will be available for play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

This puts spotlight once again to Ubisoft’s much-awaited third-person war game. Players will be put on the spot as they choose who, among the three factions, to use for domination. There are various classes within the Knights, Samurai and Vikings factions ready for use.

For Honor Game: It’s Samurai vs Knights vs Vikings

Players who are interested in playing the closed beta can sign up for beta access on the game’s website. According to Polygon, there appears to be more in store for players than originally anticipated. This is in form of the War of the Factions mode.

The War of the Faction modes allow players to choose particular “tribes” to play for. These means players can choose the Knights, the Vikings and the Samurai. The game will be tracking “all multiplayer activities” on all platforms in order to determine the faction ranking.

Of course, winning factions will be receiving in-game rewards on top of rewards they will get. Not only that, but all rewards in the beta will be transferred to the full game. If this is not enough motivation, Ubisoft may not know what else would be.

Other Details for the Ubisoft Title?

However, aside from this, not much is known about the title. Gameplay videos, which were in-depth, suggests some form of rock-paper-scissors mechanic. This allows players to anticipate the kind of movements the enemy will do and the appropriate response on their end.

This adds a depth of challenge as the wrong move can put their characters on tight spot. The game also offers 1v1 up to 3v3 combat capabilities, which begs the question whether or not full-blown “wars” will be an option soon.

Either way, the For Honor game will be getting a story campaign aside from the multiplayer that players are already enjoying. The game will be set for release on February 14. A video below details the closed beta and other details:

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