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For Honor Game Leaks Reveal Season Pass & DLC Early Access

For Honor Game
Screengrab from Ubisoft/YouTube

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For Honor Game Leaks Reveal Season Pass & DLC Early Access

Ubisoft is still mum about details of their upcoming For Honor game. However, some leaks reveal more on its DLC and Season Passes. An accidental reveal of the contents of the game’s future releases teased more than what they offered.

For Honor impressed a lot of people with its surprise reveal at E3 in 2015. With the game now a month away from its release, fans want to know more about its future releases. Now that it has one final closed beta test, it seems all is going for the good.

However, a leaked image appears to reveal more to the game. Fans will realize that the strategy of the potential is similar to another Ubisoft title. Of course, given this is a “leak,” only Ubisoft will get to confirm its validity.

For Honor Game: New Features for Gamers

According to Game RantFor Honor may actually go with the footsteps of Rainbow Six Siege. The leaked images were released to the Ubisoft online store. The images have been removed now, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Apparently, owners of the Season Pass will have a special Day One pack. This will have three scavenger crates and a sunbeam emote. It will also have an exclusive emblem as well.

Their characters will have a 30-day Champion status, and some more content to be named later on. Interestingly, Season Pass owners will get to access what is known as the “Deluxe Edition” as well. This adds a unique crest for each other their three factions, and a smoke effect.

At this point, Ubisoft has yet to reveal just what exactly does a “Champion” do. However, it may reward more items at the end of matches. Still, the biggest reveal is the six additional warriors for players to get. This is especially the case since, according to Game Rant, the game has just entered its final closed beta.

This works exactly like how Rainbow Six Siege handles its DLC. While For Honor‘s DLC will be free, owners of the Season Pass may have more content in store before everyone else. Either way, fans should remember that the Apollyon Collector’s Edition will focus on the mysterious Apollyon.

The Game So Far

The game is set in the distant past, where the factions of the Samurai, Knights and Vikings are scattered across a region. Their desires to dominate the land have put them against one another. Now players have to choose warriors from each Factions to represent them.

The game plays using a dynamic rock-paper-scissor mechanic. This means players are able to anticipate the movements of their enemies. The slow pace of attacks means one wrong move and their characters can suffer a lot of damage.

However, the single-player mode of the game may more or less focus on Apollyon, the mysterious figure behind all these events. Interestingly, no one has any idea who she is or what she wants. All we know is that she’s here to wreak havoc.

For Honor GameRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

Screengrab from Game Rant

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