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For Honor Open Beta: Release Date, Benefits & More

For Honor
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/GameNewsOfficial account

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For Honor Open Beta: Release Date, Benefits & More

For Honor is an upcoming online action hack and slash multiplayer game. Ubisoft Montreal is currently developing it. Ubisoft will soon publish it for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 14. The game revolves around a melee combat system called “The Art of Battle.” Players may take on the role of soldiers like knights, samurais and vikings in a Medieval setting. Further details on the game’s open beta have been revealed.

Open Beta Date Leaked

In an email involving Twitch Prime service, Twitch revealed that the For Honor open beta will run from February 9 to February 12, 2017. This was made in an exclusive offer through the service’s benefit offers. The leak was revealed by a NeoGaf user. The email stated that “February 9th – 12th is the Open Beta, where you can pledge your sword to the Knights, Vikings or Samurais, then fight for your faction alongside your favorite generals!”

How Did This Information Surface

Twitch Prime got a hold of this information because according to Game Rant, the open beta is tied to the service’s benefits this coming month of February. In fact, every month, Twitch Prime offers exclusive content to its subscribers. This time, the content that it will offer to its subscribers includes the downloadable content for For Honor.

Twitch has established a partnership with Ubisoft. Thus, it is likely that the development studio already revealed the date of the open beta to Twitch. Ubisoft may have slipped and forgot to say that this reveal date will be mentioned at a later date.


According to PlayStation Lifestyle, in the game, there are three types of warrior factions – The Legion as represented by Knights, The Warborn as represented by Vikings, and The Chosen as represented by Samurai. In addition, there are presently four available classes per faction. These are the Vanguards, Assassins, Heavies, and Hybrids. Each class under each specific faction has their own unique skill set, weapons and fighting abilities. Furthermore, Ubisoft said that it will release more of these types of classes in the future.

For HonorPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

A Knight versus a Viking.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/GameNewsOfficial account

Publishers nowadays use betas as an effective marketing strategy in the selling of their games. Free betas make players long for the real thing. The betas are able to make players get an overall feel of the game. It may even be the main basis as to why they would want to spend a whole lot of money for the game.

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