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For Honor Season Pass Gives Early Access To New Heroes & More

For Honor

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For Honor Season Pass Gives Early Access To New Heroes & More

Ubisoft has unveiled the Season Pass of its medieval hack and slash multiplayer game, For Honor. Take a look at the details below.

What To Expect In The Season Pass

Players will be able to access six new For Honor Heroes seven days earlier, while also availing some brand spanking new skins. Furthermore, there will be six elite outfits for the heroes. Even more, a sunbeam effect on emotes, scavenger crates for more gear, and three emblem outlines are to be expected. In addition, each new season of Faction War will see two new heroes included in the game. They can be purchased with the currency Steel.

Other content like new maps, modes and gear will be free for all players across three seasons. Players can purchase the Season Pass separately or with the Gold Edition of For Honor.

New Features for Gamers

For Honor may actually follow the footsteps of Rainbow Six Siege. The leaked images were released at the Ubisoft online store. The images have been removed now, but it seems there’s more to them.

Owners of the Season Pass will have a special Day One pack. Moreover, this will have three scavenger crates and a sunbeam emote. It will also have an exclusive emblem included.

Their characters will have a 30-day Champion status, and even more content to be named later on. Mysteriously, Season Pass owners will get access to what is known as the “Deluxe Edition” of the game. This adds a unique crest for each of their three factions.

At this point, Ubisoft has yet to reveal what a “Champion” does. However, it may reward more items at the end of each match. Still, the biggest reveal involves the six additional warriors for players to acquire. This is especially the case once the game has entered its final closed beta.

This works exactly like how Rainbow Six Siege handles its downloadable content (DLC). While the game’s DLC will be free, owners of the Season Pass may have more content in store before other games. Either way, fans should take note that the Apollyon Collector’s Edition will focus on the mysterious Apollyon.


According to PlayStation Lifestyle, there are three types of warrior factions in the game – The Warborn as represented by Vikings, The Legion as represented by Knights, and The Chosen as represented by Samurai. Moreover, there are four available classes per faction. These are the Assassins, Vanguards, Hybrids, and Heavies. Each class under each specific faction has their own unique weapons, skill set, and fighting abilities. In addition, Ubisoft mentioned that it will release more of these types of classes in the future.

The studio used betas as an effective marketing tactic in selling their games. Free betas make players long for the real deal, which is good for the game giants. The betas are able to make players get an overall feel of the game. It may even be the main basis as to why they would want to spend a whole lot of money to finally get their hands on the full version.

The game will be released on February 14 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Happy about the new Season Pass? Comment below! Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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